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Card Wonderland
Card Wonderland.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Purchase from Shop for 50 Gem after clearing Bloody Fortress
Normal reward Scarecrow (Gumball) & Wondrous Cube gumball
Raid boost Wondrous Cube
Raid reward Mysterious Statue
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Complete maze to recruit Scarecrow (Gumball)

Hidden Gumball[]

Wondrous Cube.png

To get the Wondrous Cube gumball:

Goal Sequence (Blood=1, Large=2, Medium=3, Small=4)
L=32 M=25 S=20 1→2,2→3,2→4,3→1,1→2,1→3,2→1,4→1
L=20 M=17 S=10 1→3,3→4,3→2,4→1,1→3,3→4,3→2,4→1,1→3, 3→2, 2→1
L=18 M=13 S=9)

1→3 37 0 13 0
3→2 37 13 0 0
1→3 24 13 13 0
3→2 24 18 8 0
3→4 24 18 0 8
1→3 11 18 13 8
2→1 29 0 13 8
3→2 29 13 0 8
1→3 16 13 13 8
3→2 16 18 8 8
2→1 34 0 8 8
3→2 34 8 0 8
1→3 21 8 13 8
3→2 21 18 3 8
2→1 39 0 3 8


  • Moving Grove - 2 Vigor
    Floors 40 (Difficulty 34)
  • Chase! Goblin thief! - 2 Vigor
    Floors 45 (Difficulty 35)
  • Accidentally trespassed into the Farm - 2 Vigor
    Floors 45 (Difficulty 36)
  • Dream and Reality - 2 Vigor
    Floors 50 (Difficulty 37)
  • Endless Mode - 3 Vigor

Quests / DP[]

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Unstable Dice x3 2 From Duelist's Remain
S Obtain Mage Traveler's Cloak x3 2 From Mage Traveler's Remain
S Obtain Number Tag x3 2 From Magician's Remain
S Obtain Spinning Top x3 2 From Dream Inceptor's Body
S Obtain Mana Card x3 2 From Maid's Corpse
S Collect and equip the 3 parts ofTree Pixie Suit 3 select "Fell" option from grounded tree pixie
S Use Match (Matchstick) x9 2 From Lass' Body
G Use Dream Mushroom x15 2
G Use Miscanthus x15 2
G Use Nighthawk Feather x15 3
G Kill Goblin x200 1
G Kill Brute Bull x200 1
G Kill Tree Pixie x200 1
G Kill Magic Mayfly x200 1
G Kill Tattooed Elf x200 1
G Kill Grove Mage x200 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x5 3
G Clear Thornwood x20 2
S Reach Floor 70 of the maze 2
S Reach Floor 80 of the maze 3
S Reach Floor 90 of the maze 3
G Purchasing from the Card Store x30 2
G Card Master Enhanced Card x60 3
G Card Smelter Smelts Card x30 3
G Obtain 5 level-10 Attack cards 3
G Obtain 5 level-10 Mana cards 3
G Obtain 5 level-10 Adventure cards 3
G Obtain 3 level-10 Special cards 3
G Use Card to Kill the Enemy x200 2
G Successive 10 cards in 1 round 3 Use cards that have +1 draw, "Celerity" cards help a lot, 'Change' cards are useful too
G Complete Monster Quest x50 3
G Advance 10 floors in soul state 3 Please check Tips
G Obtain hidden Gumball 5

Boss Package Reward[]

Kill Boss on 100F to claim 20x Wondrous Cube Gumball Fragment and 20x Star Scrap


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info


Goblin mon.png

Summon: Launch every 5 rounds, summon a goblin[notes 2]

Mischief: 5% chance to obtain 1 card at the time of death

May drop Illusionary Sand or a random card
Tattooed Elf


Tattooed Elf.png

Mana Pouring: Recover HP by 50% for all companions at the same time of death

Patterned Enchantment: Decrease the damage sustained by 50% (Card can inflict full damage)

May drop Illusionary Sand
Brute Bull


Brute Bull.png

Protection: Withstand 30% damage for the companions of other types

Brutal Impact: Launch an attack when other companions die

May drop Illusionary Sand
Magic Mayfly


Magic Mayfly.png

Time Stagnated: When present, enemy drawing cooldown +2

Weaken: Extremely high dodge (50%)

May drop Illusionary Sand
Tree Pixie


Tree Pixie.png

Entwine: Launch every 4 rounds, cast Entwine on the enemy (Unable to play cards, last for 2 rounds)

Growth: Increase 2 Attack and 10 HP for each round

May drop Illusionary Sand
Grove Mage


Grove Mage.png

Magic Vortex: Launch a ranged attack every 2 rounds, force the enemy to discard 1 card

Witchcraft: Consume the enemy MP when dying

May drop Illusionary Sand
Chest Imp


Chest Imp.png

Bite: Launch an attack each round, Bleeding Effect attached (Lose HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds) Appears randomly in Thornwood

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Card Wonderland/Specific.

Boss (Wonderland Dragon)[]

Wonderland Dragon

Wonderland Dragon Beast Class
Floor Attack HP Hits to Max Fury
30 46 746 6
40 76 1,489 6
50 128 2,883 6
60 217 5,412 9
70 341 10,004 9
80 577 18,183 9
90 1,035 32,745 12
100 1,748 55,437 12


  • Dragon Roar: Launch every 3 rounds (deal Damage equals to 30% of the enemy full HP if the Fury[notes 3] is full, and unlock Wonderland Gate (see next part); otherwise, deal double Damage to the enemy with Corrosive[notes 4] effect attached, last for 3 rounds)
  • Emerald Dragon Scale: Decrease the Damage sustained by 99%; Increase Fury each time when attacked (this buff can't be dispelled)[notes 5]
  • (not displayed): All debuffs placed on BOSS are removed when you enter the Wonderland Gate

Wonderland Gate

This ancient portal is open now, and the destination is covered behind the whirling magical vortex. (Will remove all debuffs of the Wonderland Dragon when entering)
Dragon Heart.png

Dragon Heart

The HP will be the same as what was left on Wonderland Dragon before entering the Wonderland Gate
Killing the heart will cause Wonderland Dragon HP become 1 and automatically exit the gate

When the Wonderland Dragon attacks at full Fury, the Wonderland Gate will open. Here, you will find the Dragon Heart, which will allow you to properly damage the boss. Entering the Gate will cause Wonderland Status: Decrease HP by 10% each round, will be banished from the Wonderland after X rounds. Floors 30-50->X=3; 60-80->X=4; 90+->X=5.


  • Emerald Dragon Heart: Increase the sustained card damage by 100%, be immune to all control status (Timestill included)[notes 6]
  • Life Link: Wonderland Dragon loses the same ratio of HP as Dragon Heart lost when under attacked

Dragon Wish version of the Boss[]

The boss obtained when using the Divine Dragon wish I want to become stronger! is somewhat different.


  • Dragon Roar: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, deal double Damage to the enemy with Corrosion effect (Half the attack and lose HP each round, last for 3 rounds)
  • Emerald Dragon Scale: Decrease the damage sustained by 20%


  • There is no Dragon Heart
  • You can use your card deck but you are left with whatever you had at the time of making the wish (similar to entering a cavern)
  • The special floor has only room for 2 summoned allies
  • It is unknown if steals and souls are as normal

Maze Mechanics[]

Card group.png


Deck Box

This well-designed box has many wondrous cards inside. Open it and let your wonderland journey begin!

NOTE: Card levels increases/decreases specific values. Highlighted values are what changes. Due to different factors affecting the values, only base/initial values recorded are indicated and might be different each time. Please check: [notes 7]

Starting Situation[]

You start with a deck of 8 cards. Which cards you start with depends on the titles type of your main gumball (see #Main Gumball Type Mastery for details). 4 of those cards will be part of your starting hand.

You have a starting TP and max TP of 8, a hand size of 4 and a cooldown of 5.

How it works[]

Click on the deck at the bottom left of the screen to use the cards or view your deck. When you use a card, its effects are applied immediately (no round is spent) and the card goes back into the deck.
The number in the upper left corner of each card is the amount of TP you need to spend to use the card.

When the cooldown reaches 0:

  • you draw a card if the number of cards in your hand is less than your hand size.
    • Note: Each card of your deck can only be drawn once per floor
  • you recover 3 TP

When you go to the next floor:

  • the cards in your hand are put back into the deck, the deck is shuffled and a new hand is drawn.
  • you recover all TP. If you receive a specific buff from the Little Fairy, your current TP will exceed your max TP by X, with X being the number of times you received the buff.

Attack Cards[]

Card attack.png

Name Details TP Cost Melee
Card NormalAtt.png
Attack (Max Level 10) Cause X Damage to a single target.

At level 1, X = 15 + 5% Attack
At level 10, X = 60 + 50% Attack

Card DoubleSlash.png
Slash (Max Level 10) Launch X slashes to attack visible enemies
(Each slash deals Y Damage)

At level 1: X = 4, Y = 7 + 2.5% Attack
At level 10: X = 9, Y = 16 + 7.5% Attack

Card Puncture.png
Puncture (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X, increase the Attack by 1 for each Y Shields obtained[notes 8]

At level 1: X = 21 + 15% Attack, Y = 7
At level 10: X = 84 + 60% Attack, Y = 3

Card WhirlingSlash.png
Whirling (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the target and nearby enemies by X (Damage +X/3 for each card left in the hand)

At level 1: X = 18 + 6% Attack
At level 10: X = 72 + 60% Attack

Card ShieldSlam.png
Shield Slam (Max Level 10) Obtain X Shields for each 30 Damage dealt (Last for 2 rounds)

At level 1, X = 6
At level 10, X = 15

Card Batto-jutsu.png
Batto-jutsu (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X, deal 3 times Damage to the enemy with HP lower than 30% (Deal 2 times Damage to BOSS[notes 9]

At level 1: X = 30 + 10% Attack
At level 10: X = 120 + 100% Attack

5 Y
Card Hunting.png
Hunting (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X, draw 1 extra cards

At level 1: X = 21 + 7% Attack
At level 10: X = 84 + 70% Attack

3 Y
Card LifeDrain.png
Life Drain (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X, increase the HP by Y if that kills the enemy

At level 1: X = 18 + 6% Attack, Y = 5
At level 10: X = 72 + 60% Attack, Y = 10

3 Y
Card WrathBurst.png
Wrath Burst (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X. After playing, "Wrath Burst" Damage +Y (Valid in this floor)

At level 1: X = 18 + 16% Attack, Y = 9 + 8% Attack
At level 10: X = 72 + 70% Attack, Y = 36 + 35% Attack

3 Y
Card Swordsmanship.png
Sword (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X (Damage +Y for each Attack card played in this round)

At level 1: X = 24 + 8% Attack, Y = 9 + 3% Attack
At level 10: X = 96 + 80% Attack, Y = 36 + 30% Attack

4 Y

Mana Cards[]

Card mana.png

Name Details TP Cost Magic
Card MagicMissiles.png
Missiles (Max Level 10) Consume C MP to deal damage to the enemy by X

At level 1: C = 6; X = 24 + 10% Power
At level 10: C = 24; X = 96 + 100% Power

Card MagicBurning.png
Magic Burn (Max Level 10) Consume C MP to deal X damage to 3 random enemies and burn the enemies (Last for 3 rounds)

At level 1: C = 12; X= 21 + 8% Power
At level 10: C = 48; X= 84 + 80% Power

Burn damage is :
At level 1: 9 + 3% Power
At level 10: 36 + 30% Power

Card TheWord.png
The Word (Max Level 10) Consume C MP to deal damage to the enemy by X and recover HP by X/2

At level 1, C = 9, X = 30 + 12% Power
At level 10, C = 36, X = 120 + 120% Power

Card ArcaneWard.png
Arcane Ward (Max Level 10) Recover MP by X, Power +Y for each card played (Effect can be superimposed, last for 1 rounds)

At level 1: X= 21, Y= 6
At level 10: X= 84, Y= 15

Card Prophecy.png
Prophecy (Max Level 10) Recover MP by X, draw 1 extra Mana cards

At level 1: X = 15
At level 10: X = 60

Card Voodoo.png
Voodoo (Max Level 10) Consume C MP to deal damage to the enemy by X and Poison the enemy for 3 rounds. (Poison Damage +100% for each Mana Card previously played in this round)

At level 1: C= 12, X= 36 + 14% Power
At level 10: C= 48, X= 144 + 140% Power

Poison damage is :
At level 1: 9 + 3% Power
At level 10: 36 + 30% Power

4 Y
Card Eternal.png
Eternal (Max Level 10) Recover MP by X, draw 2 extra cards, Y% chance to cast Timestill (Last 1 round)

At level 1: X= 27, Y= 18
At level 10: X= 108, Y= 36

4 Y
Card SoulContainer.png
Soul Holder (Max Level 10) Consume C MP to deal Damage to the enemy by X, increase MP by Y if that kills the enemy

At level 1: C= 9, X= 30 + 13% Power, Y= 5
At level 10: C= 36, X= 120 + 130% Power, Y= 10

3 Y
Card MagicArts.png
Magic Arts (Max Level 10) Consume C MP to deal Damage to the enemy by X, Y% chance to deal 2 times Damage

At level 1: C= 9, X= 33 + 21% Power, Y= 24
At level 10: C=36, X= 132 + 120% Power, Y= 60

3 Y
Card SourceDisaster.png
Disaster (Max Level 10) Consume all MP to deal damage by X * Y to all visible enemies
Recover MP by 6% for each enemy killed (Damage is influenced by the MP consumed)

At level 1: X = 48 + Round.Down(20% Power)
At level 10: X = 192 + 2 * Power

For MP >=240: Y= (140 + 25% MP) / 100[notes 10]
Note: as MP goes below 240, the expected damage quickly goes down.

5 Y

Adventure Cards[]

Card venture.png

Name Details TP Cost Adventure
Card Focus.png
Focus (Max Level 10) Increase the next card damage by X% (Last for 1 round)[notes 11]

At level 1, X= 80.
At level 10, X= 125.

Card Celerity.png
Celerity (Max Level 1) Draw extra 1 cards, and recover TP by 4 1
Card Change.png
Change (Max Level 1) Return your hand into your deck and draw cards equal to the number you returned 2
Card GodsHand.png
God's Hand (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X , If that kills the enemy, obtain EP by Y

At level 1: X = 24 + 10% Attack , Y = 24
At level 10: X= 96 + 55% Attack , Y = 60

Card SpatialTransference.png
Teleport (Max Level 10) Randomly return 2 cards played to the deck, 10% * Level chance to return 2 more (Invalid to this card and Special cards) 2
Card Sneak.png
Sneak (Max Level 1) Cast 1 times more when playing card the next time (Invalid to Special cards) 3 Y
Card ShadowAssault.png
Assault (Max Level 10) Deal X Damage to the enemies of the same column, Y chance to deal 2 times Damage

At level 1: X = 21 + 12% Attack; Y = 22%
At level 10: X = 84 + 75% Attack; Y = 40%

4 Y
Card Stimulant.png
Stimulant (Max Level 10) Consume X HP. When playing cards, increase the extra damage by +Y% (Last for 1 rounds)

At level 1: X= 200, Y= 33
At level 10: X= 20, Y= 60

5 Y
Card Harisenbon.png
Harisenbon (Max Level 10) Shoot 5 spines to attack the visible enemies. Each spine deals X Damage (Spine number +1 for each Adventure card played in this round)

At level 1: X = 6 + 2% Attack
At level 10: X= 24 + 20% Attack

4 Y
Card HerosFootstep.png
Heroic (Max Level 10) Recover HP by X, MP by Y and TP by 4

At level 1: X = 30, Y= 9
At level 10: X= 120, Y= 36

1 Y

Special Cards[]

Card special.png

Name Details TP Cost
Card GodsPunishment.png
Punishment (Max Level 10) Turn over all slates of this floor immediately and deal Damage to all enemies by X, remove the features (Last for 2 rounds)[notes 12]

At level 1: X= 36 + 6% (Attack+Power)
At level 10: X= 144 + 60% (Attack+Power)

5 Rare Steal from Wonderland Dragon
Card AngelBlessing.png
Blessing (Max Level 10)

Increase Attack and Power by 2 (Will be removed from the deck after X times of using)

At level 1, X=6
At level 10, X=15.

2 check #Tips for DP Quest - Soul State
Card Hallucination.png
Fairy Ward (Max Level 10)

Summon Wonderland Fairy to inherit X% Attributes of the Gumball

At level 1, X=33
At level 10, X=60

Wonderland Fairy has 30% chance to deal double damage when attacking and restore TP by 2 when dying.

3 Touch Antique Mirror a couple of times
Card Meditation.png
Meditation (Max Level 10)

Recover energy of exclusive skill by X[notes 13]

At level 1: X= 23
At level 10: X= 50

3 Grove Mage: Communicate
Card AbsoluteField.png
Hegemony (Max Level 1) Immune to all Damages (Last for 1 rounds) 5 Tree Pixie: Cheat It (When wearing full Tree Pixie Set)
Card SolomonTreasure.png
Treasure (Max Level 1) Obtain 2 gems (First 3 times)/Obtain 10k Coin (Play the card to remove it from the deck) 1 Need GGoT, check here
Card DragonRoar.png
Dragon Roar (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to all enemies by 35, decrease the Damage of enemies by 50% (Last for 3 rounds) 4 Main a Dragon gumball and Touch Antique Mirror
Card DemonsPact.png
Dark Pact (Max Level 10) Consume X% HP. When playing cards, don't cost TP (Last for 1 rounds)

At level 1: X= 50
At level 10: X= 5

5 Main a Demon gumball and Touch Antique Mirror
Card Electromagnetic.png
Interfere (Max Level 10) Deal Damage to the enemy by X, prolong the hourglass time of the enemy by 2 rounds

At level 1: X= 24 + 4% (Attack+Power)
At level 10: X= 96 + 40% (Attack+Power)

3 Main a Mechanical gumball and Touch Antique Mirror

Main Gumball Type Mastery[]

Depending on the titles type of your main gumball, you get access to 3 specific spells using their own pool of energy. You access them by clicking on the symbol in the upper right of your screen.[notes 14].
You gain 10 energy points each floor and can store up to 100 energy.

Venture Mastery[]

When Venture Gumball is selected, automatically master Venture skill which consumes energy!
(Recover energy by 10 in each floor)

Open Deck Box for the titles and 8 Starting Cards: x2 Normal Attack (Level 1), x1 Normal Attack (Level 2), x1 Double Slash (Level 1), x1 The Word (Level 1), x1 Focus (Level 2), x1 God's Hand (Level 2), x1 God's Hand (Level 3)

See Cards for details
Name Details Release Cost (Energy)
Petrified Gaze.png
Explore Obtain 1 random card 30
Summon Magic Puppet.png
Inspiration Recover TP by 5 each round (Last for 4 rounds) 50
Primal Source Drain.png
Sprint Draw cards until your hand is full 60

Melee Mastery[]

When Melee Gumball is selected, automatically master Melee skill which consumes energy!
(Recover energy by 10 in each floor)

Open Deck Box for the titles and 8 Starting Cards: x3 Normal Attack (Level 1), x2 Normal Attack (Level 2), x1 Normal Attack (Level 3), x1 Double Slash (Level 2), x1 Whirling Slash (Level 1)

See Cards for details
Name Details Release Cost (Energy)
Penalty Halo.png
Enhance Level up 1 card in the deck 80
Guard Halo.png
Calm Down Half the TP cost when playing card (Last for 5 rounds) 50
Card skillm3.png
Valor Increase Attack by 5% for each 1 card played (Valid in this floor) 60

Magic Mastery[]

When Magic Gumball is selected, automatically master Magic skill which consumes energy!
(Recover energy by 10 in each floor)

Open Deck Box for the titles and 8 Starting Cards: x2 Normal Attack (Level 1), x1 Double Slash (Level 1), x1 Magic Missiles (Level 1), x1 Magic Missiles (Level 2), x1 Magic Missiles (Level 3), x1 Magic Burning (Level 2), x1 Prophecy (Level 2)

See Cards for details
Name Details Release Cost (Energy)
Atlas of Flames.png
Smelt Delete 1 card in the deck and increase gumball's Attributes 60
Elf's Fire.png
Awake Recover TP by 100% 50
Card skillf3.png
Wisdom Obtain 1 scroll randomly for each 3 cards played (Valid in this floor) 60


Empty Bottle.png

Name/Type Source
Full Bottle.png
Dilute Blood Use Empty Bottle on Goblin or Brute Bull
Thick Blood Use Empty Bottle on Wonderland Dragon
Dragon Essence Use Empty Bottle on Dragon Heart

Maze Occurrences[]

Little Demon[]

Little Demon.png

"Hey, living here is really a hard thing. I can help you, and you only need to pay some price!"
(Lose HP by 30 at most to deal with the demon)

Pick one out of the 3 random options

Options Details Limit
Illusionary Sand.png
Illusionary Sand ×8
Card otherd2.png
Obtain 1 random card ranged from level 3 to 6
Card otherd3.png
Obtain 1 random equipment ranged from level 3 to 6
Card otherd4.png
Can delete 3 cards in your deck at most
Card otherd5.png
Max Hand Card +1 1
Card otherd6.png
Drawing Cooldown -1 1
Card otherd7.png
Draw Cards +1 1
Card otherd8.png
Copy 1 card from the deck[notes 15] 3

Little Fairy[]


"Thanks for saving me. I'm the fairy in this wonderland. Please allow me to offer you my blessing!"

Pick one out of the 3 random options

Options Details Limit
Card otherf1.png
Attack+2, HP+20
Gem of Life.png
Power+2, MP+20
Magic Rune.png
Dodge +2%, decrease the enemy attack +1
Card otherf4.png
All spells' effects +2%
Card otherf5.png
Recover Shield by 30 for each time entering the next floor
Enchanter's Rune.png
Recover HP and MP by 2% for each time entering the next floor 2
Card otherf7.png
Recover TP by 1 for each time entering the next floor
(Can exceed the MAX TP)

Monster Quests[]

Goblin Quests[]

Goblin mon.png

This goblin is different, very timid. It huddles over there, and its whole body can't stop trembling.

Brute Bull Quests[]

Brute Bull.png

Brute bull senses can't defeat you, so it turns back and rushes into a cave with enigmatic symbols engraved on the walls.

Tree Pixie Quests[]

Tree Pixie.png

Tree pixie seems don't want to fight with you and transforms into a huge tree standing still, you decide?

Magic Mayfly Quests[]

Magic Mayfly.png

Magic mayfly is cornered by you and has no place to escape. It huddles and charges energy, ready for a self-explosion to give you a last shot.

Tattooed Elf Quests[]

Tattooed Elf.png

Tattooed elf senses dangerous and hurriedly hide in the egg. He seems will not be out again.

Grove Mage Quests[]

Grove Mage.png

Grove mage has been fighting with you for a while and no one wins. He dodged aside, seems doesn't want to waste time anymore. You decide?

Normal Buildings[]

Thornwood - Maze Cave


This channel in the flourishing thorn woods is only wide enough for one person to pass through, and it's easy to get scratched in the passage.

Card Store - Buy items with EP

Card Store.png

  • Any Level 1 Attack, Mana, Adventure Card - 200 EP
  • Any Level 2 Attack, Mana, Adventure Card - 350 EP
  • Any Level 3 Attack, Mana, Adventure Card - 500 EP

Card Master

Card Master.png

This Card Master clad in a strange style seems to be extraordinary. Maybe you can pay your price to ask him to level up your cards!
  • Consume 3 Illusionary Sand to level up card
  • Cost adds +1 per upgrade on the same floor, resets back to 3 for the next floor encounter

Card Smelter

Card Smelter.png

The green flame flowing in this smelter can decompose the card into initial energy!
  • Consume 3 Illusionary Sand to remove the card from the deck
  • Cost increase by 1 after each use. Costs resets back to 3 when entering next floor.
  • Each card smelted gives a stat boost as reward
  • The reward from Smelting depend on the card level:
    • level 1-4: +1 Attack, +1 Power, +10 HP or +10 MP
    • level 5-9: +1 Attack and Power
    • level 10: +3 Attack and Power

Angel's Packed Gift

Angel Gift.png

This well-designed box has an angel holding a shinning card engraved outside!
(Can transform with cards level no less than "random # from 1-10"))
  • The random number is based on the card it randomly picked, then you'll need a different card with level higher
  • Gives Strange Card if card used is max level
  • Angel's Packed Gift can appear many times once you reach floor 41 and can be used up to 3 times per maze run.

Antique Mirror

Fear Mirror.png

This antique mirror is very weird. When you look into it, it mirrors not yourself, but a mass of illusionary figure.
  • Touch - Gives random Card that depends on your main gumball's type (Melee-Attack; Magic-Mana; Venture-Adventure) -OR- receive Special Card - Fairy Ward. Main gumballs with a special Type or Subtype (Dragon, Machine, Demon) can receive a Special Card specific to that type.

Creator Cabin

Creator Cabin.png

Cobwebs and dust are everywhere in this old cabin, it may have been abandoned for a very long time.
  • Inside there's two things, a Console and Broken Cube
  • The Console has 4 things: first one is the Blood Bottle, next is a Large Bottle, then Medium and lastly the Small one
  • Check Hidden Gumball for the sequence


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Adventurer's Remains (Multiple)
Adventurer's Remains med.png
Illusionary Sand or Miscanthus or Venture Equipment Broken Traveler's Soul: Receive 50~100 EP at random

or Complete Traveler's Soul: Receive 100-200 EP at random

Mage Traveler's Remain (1x)
Mage Traveler's Remains card.png
Mage Traveler's Cloak Jace Beleren's Soul: Mage Traveler's Cloak, ability enhanced
Dragonkin's Remain (1x)
Dragonkin's Remains.png
Ambergris Dragonkin's Soul: Reduce EP cost by 10% in the card store
Maid's Corpse (1x)
Maid's Corpse.png
Mana Card Sakura's Soul: Seal State (If the next card played kills the enemy, card level +3, valid in this floor)
Duelist's Remain (1x)
Duelist's Remains.png
Unstable Dice Jounouchi's Soul: 50% chance to draw 1 card (50% chance to continue drawing if succeed, repeating until your hand is full)
Girl's Body (1x)
Lass Body.png
Matchstick Little Girl's Soul: Fantasy status (Recover HP and MP by 20% each round, change the HP and MP to 1 after 8 rounds)
Dream Inceptor's Body (1x)
DreamInceptor Body.png
Spinning Top Cobb's Soul: Discard a random hand card to cast Timestill
Magician's Remain (1x)
Magicians Remain.png
Number Tag Hisoka's Soul: Gum Status (Turn over all slates and fix all enemies in place, valid in this floor, invalid against Boss)


Potion Formula[]

This yellow paper smells sour. It seems like it was used for blowing noses. Some askew words and hasty patterns are marked on the paper. You really hope that the writer's alchemy skill exceeds his writing level.

(from Adventurer's Remains)


Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and carry them away:

For raid results, see here

Title Loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.
For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.


  • Main Melee gumball for the Melee Mastery Skill - Enhance to help with the DP Quest of Max Level Attack/Mana/Adventure/Special cards
  • Don't straight upgrade a card from low levels to max levels in one go as it gets expensive doing it on the same floor. Check Card Master
  • For DP Quest Soul State:
    • Have Strange Card (check Angel's Packed Gift)
    • When you die, you'll instead receive Status Soul effect: Decrease all attributes by 50% (valid until you leave the current maze)
    • Continue 10 floors to complete the DP and find the tombstone, claim it and receive Special Card - Blessing. This also remove the Status Soul debuff.
  • Special skills that requires to be credited with kills do work with kills by cards (but, as expected, not with kills by Damage over Time effects placed by cards).
  • Duration of spells or effects cast by card (like Timestill by Eternal) cannot be increased. (Things like Bodhi Buddha Beads have not effect on them.)
  • Any gumball with an active skill that is powerful but limited because you gain energy slowly will be very powerful here.
  • Life Drain and God's Hand are very nice cards to level early on but do consider them as fodder for Angel's Packed Gift later on.
  • Potions to take inside this maze: whatever fits your style or Emerald Perfume. Anything raising Attack if you play venture or melee ( Potion of Titans, Armor Penetration Potion, ...). Anything raising Power or helping recover MP if playing magic ( Archmage Potion, Fountain of Eden, Potion of Cabala, Glacier Silver Reagent,...)
  • A simple deck that can push to floor 101 if necessary is to use an adventure type gumball as main. Equal numbers of Focus, Sneak, and Harisenbon (3 seems ideal). 2 copies of Stimulant, 2-4 copies of Change, and as many Celerity as possible. Do massive damage by using Focus+Stimulant, followed by Sneak, followed by Harisenbon. Use Change and Celerity to find needed cards and power up Harisenbon. Disrupting Ray prior to using cards also helps for higher level boss fights.
  • For infos related to specific gumballs, see Card Wonderland/Specific


  1. Empty Bottle can be used on any monster but it can only be used once per maze run. If used on any monster other than the Dragon Heart, you get a lesser amount of fragments at the Creator Cabin
  2. Each Goblin can summon up to 3 Goblins. Summoned goblins have the same stats as 'normal' goblins except that they cannot summon.
  3. Fury: Spells that do not do damage do not count. Damage over time effects do not count either. The usual ways to generate Fury quickly are the Slash card and Meteor Shower. Some exclusive skills like Great Guardian's 'Energy Shock' are also effective.
  4. Status Corrode: Decrease Attack by 50% and lose HP each round. (Last 2 rounds)
  5. Boss in dragon form is however not immune to HP decrease effects like the one on Curse with Witch's talent.
  6. While Dragon Heart is not immune to Disrupting Ray, it is immune to Dragon's Influence in its entirety. Damage part of spells like Gravity does work.
  7. The card values were initially recorded on Story Mode runs and 2 Endless Mode runs with different teams switching the main gumball type, but as the values differ from one run to another and patterns weren't that clear, I've decided to remove the values per level so it won't cause any confusion or lead to misinformation -PuffedSmoke
  8. Shields are the bonus HP you can gain from other sources (Ice Shield, Aurora Barrier, Little Fairy rune, etc)
  9. The 2x damage to boss on Batto-Jutsu is apparently always applicable and is on-top of the 3x damage to enemies with HP lower than 30%. To be confirmed...
  10. The Disaster damage formula is very unwieldy. Exemple: MP=240 -> Y=2; MP=640 -> Y=3; MP=1040 -> Y=4; MP=1440 -> Y=5; MP=1840 -> Y=6;... And that is multiplied by the X formula described above that depends on the Power and on the level of the card
  11. Focus does not apply to Burns and other damages over time done by cards. Use of a non-damage card will not remove the effect.
  12. Punishment actually puts Features Elimination effect on all enemies that removes all buffs for 3 rounds. This uses its own debuff slot and isn't considered a control effect. This means that it can be combined with any other debuff. Doesn't remove the BOSS' Emerald Dragon Scale nor any of the Dragon Heart effects.
  13. Meditation only works on proper gumball exclusive active skills. It doesn't work on things like Dragon Magic nor on this maze special spells nor on automatic exclusive skills like Ancient Source from World Tree or Rune Master's skill. Does however also work with Ray Adas' Baader Form
  14. Strangely, the maze's special spells do *not* show up in your spell book like exclusive skill and special spells normally do.
  15. Little Demon's copy doesn't work with Special Cards
  16. 16.0 16.1 16.2 Green Dragon Scale increases Max TP by 2, it can be obtained once from the Goblin, once from the Brute Bull and once from the Magic Mayfly. Chance of getting it on the first try is 50%
  17. Magic Mayfly quest's possible random souls types (Broken or Complete): Beast, Poisonous, Scoundrel, Mercenary, Mage, Orc, Demon, Plant, Mammal, Chalicotherium (20 different souls)

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