Call of the Dead Call of the Dead
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Element: Dark
MP: 0 Type: Summon
Effect Summon Undead Creature

Unlimited casting of this spell. Only limited by soul energy collected.
The creatures summoned are different depending on the amount of soul energy (Kill the enemy to get soul energy)
Possible Summons:

Demon King (200 Soul Energy)

  • Wrath of the Devil - Launch every 5 rounds, and cast Wrath of the Devil
  • Power of Darkness - While attacking, 30% chance to cast Death Ripple
  • Undead Enchantment - 50% chance to be immune to all damages

Skeleton Lord (90 Soul Energy)

  • Rebirth - Come back to life upon death, and recover HP by 50%
  • Critical Strike - Causes extra 100% damage when attacking BOSS
  • Skeleton Shield - Damage suffered decreased by 30%

Skeleton Drake (60 Soul Energy)

  • Thump - Launch an attack each round, 50% chance to cause 200% damage
  • Breath - While attacking, 30% chance to deal spurting damage on the enemies within 2 slots nearby

Spikey Skeleton (40 Soul Energy)

  • Bone Spur - When attacking, adds Bleed effect (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)
  • Self-explosion - Self-explosion upon dead, cause double damage to all enemies

Skeleton Hound (10 Soul Energy) No special effects


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  • Demon King summoned by Call of the Dead is very similar in appearance with ainz ooal gown, from overlord anime series
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