Cactus Cactus Gold Statue
Trial requirement Cactus evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 Cactus Pearls, 1 Golden Pot, 30 Fruit of World Tree

Pearl Cost

10x Cactus Pearl
1x Pharmacist Pearl

Statue Cost

40 Arcane Crystal
3 Oceanus (Lv.210)
3 Mnemosyne (Lv.300)
2 Kreios (Lv.450)

Statue Bonus Attack+3, Power+3

In Sky and Space, Luck+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

  • Treasure (1) -> Explorationist (3)
  • Hit Mummy Twice
  • Hit Mummy Twice
  • Use two Cactus Berry, one at a time
  • Hit Mummy Twice
  • Activate wall of thorns, hit boss 5 times
  • Activate wall of thorns, hit boss 5 times, boss should die
  • WARNING! Consume remaining cactus berry now (if you don't consume it you'll die because of bleeding)
  • Win

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