CMC Power Combat Suit CMC Power Combat Suit
Rank: ✮✮✮ Type: Armor
This blue power combat suit is the standard equipment for the Marines. As the latest combat suit, it weighs hundreds of pounds and has advanced equipment such as enhancement armor, auditory reinforcement system, gravity generator, life support system, noise shielding device, infrared detector and so on, providing a full range of assistance and protection for the wearer.
Attack+3, Defense+2
When Equipped by Commando, receives 1 Stimulant

When upgraded using the Farplane's Lantern's soul:
When HP falls below 50%, Attack increases by 10%
When Commando is equipped, receives 3 Stimulant
Ranked 5 stars
Source(s): Found in Commando's Remain (blue) in Spacecraft Ruins
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