Burst Rocket Burst Rocket
Type: Throwable
It's hard for you to imagine that this complicated rocket bomb was, in fact, purely handcrafted. When it explodes, a large amount of high-energy debris will spurt and hit all the enemies around.
Use: Throw to inflict 30 points of damage to enemy

Based on the skills of Machinist Gumball, with additional effects:
"Mechanical Development Lv. 1" sputtering enemy within the distance of 1
"Mechanical Development Lv. 2" Damage +30
"Mechanical Development Lv. 3" sputtering enemy within the distance of 2
"Mechanical Development Lv. 4" Damage +60
"Mechanical Development Lv. 5" sputtering enemy within the distance of 3

Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Blasting Science Knowledge (Biochemical Charge) provides: 50% chance to bring the Stun effect (valid for 3 rounds)

Blasting Science Knowledge (Shell Craft) provides: Damage +30

Source(s): Carried by Machinist Gumball
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