Eight Mad Cow's

This suit is obtained by using the Farplane's Lantern to collect Wirt's Soul in Borderland. It is a reference to Diablo II.

The devs have confirmed that it's impossible to gather the whole set.

The initial intention of this design just wanted to have a black joke with players, there will be always once part you can't get. You can't get all the parts in one run. I am sorry for this.

-Jacky LV

You may receive up to two pieces of the set. One piece will be in the chest, and a second may be dropped by or stolen from one of the enemies. Further attempts to steal pieces will result in 100 EP.

Full Suit Bonus:

  • Attack+30,Power+30
  • Magic item discovery rate+100%
  • Get extra EP +100%
Name Rank Type Effect
Bull Demon King's Horn
5 Head HP+80
Bull Demon King's Leather
5 Armor Defense+3, HP+50
Bull Demon King's Hoof
5 Foot Dodge+15%
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