Broken Puppet Broken Puppet
Type: Summons
This intricate mechanical puppet has been seriously damaged and may fall apart at any time. There are obvious dent on the metallic shell; screws in between the juncture are exposed; some of the strings on the joint are broken... looks like it will take some time to fix it.
Use: revive the String Puppet (consume 100 EP)

Puppet's abilities is enhanced based on Puppeteer Gumball's skill:
"Puppet Manipulation Lv.1" Inherit 80% of Puppeteer's HP
"Puppet Manipulation Lv.2" Inherit 20% of Puppeteer's Attack
"Puppet Manipulation Lv.3" Mastered the feature of Guard
"Puppet Manipulation Lv.4" Mastered the feature of Symbiosis
"Puppet Manipulation Lv.5" Mastered the feature of Entwine

Source(s): Puppeteer: Let the String Puppet die


  • Guard: (Protection on active summon) Cast Puppet Shield for Gumball every time you advance to the next floor
  • Symbiosis: When present, Gumball's Attack and Power increased by 10%
  • Entwine: Every time a slate is flip over, 20% chance of imprisoning the enemy (unable to move and counter attack, lasts for 10 rounds)


  • while the description states that String Puppet inherits from Puppeteer, it will actually inherit stats from whichever gumball is main.
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