Phalanx Broken Phalange
Rank:Type: Gloves
The unlucky owner of this broken phalange remains unknown. Many teeth marks can be seen on the bone. It was probably chewed by some beast then spat out.
Version carried by Skeleton Lord as main gumball:

Attack +1/2/4/6/8 Recover HP +1/2/4/6/8 for each enemy killed
Cast Laske's Energy Drain (5/5/5/5) times to upgrade Phalange
At 5 stars: 1% chance to cast Laske's Energy Drain while attacking

When looted on Skeleton Lord gumball or ally:
Use: Gumball's Attack +2. Use to cast Holy Rebirth. (Consumable)

Source(s): Carried into dungeon with Skeleton Lord as main gumball

Dropped by Skeleton Lord' ally in Hell Frontier

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