The Broken Hall of Overseeing is one of the buildings of Eden awaiting for your repairs.


To access, complete Hall of Overseeing (Maze) which in turn requires to have previously fully repaired the three Energy Halls.

In-game DescriptionEdit

At the end of the Genesis War, the civilisation of Erathia was caught in the mire of War. While fighting with plane creatures, Hectoria, the god of the abyss, was also irritated. The imperial army retreated time after time while fighting on two battle front, and gradually lost the right of control for Eden. When the third Dawn War ended (the collapse of the Erathia Dynasty as the milestone), the cavitation of the whole plane went backwards by a large margin. The archaeology and research work on Eden was stagnated forever. Due to a lack of maintenance, most of the buildings inside Eden have been damaged. You need to collect materials to repair them one by one, so that their original functions can be restored

As each item is repaired, you will receive a corresponding reward; after all items are repaired, you can execute the highest order (unknown)

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