Breathing of the Dead Breathing of the Dead
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Ring
This ring with a skeleton engraving, originally belonged to the beloved sister of Archdemon Natavia - Jamelia. During the war between the gods and the devils, she was struck by a flying arrow. When Natavia arrived, Jamelia was already dying. She told her brother that her biggest wish was to leave the border of hell and have a look of the world outside. To fulfill his sister's dying wish, Natavia put her bone ash into the ring and took it with him in the hopes that Jamelia could feel the air of Erathia through the ring.
MP +100

Increase the effect of all Dark Spells by 30%

Suit: Dark Sacred Artifact
Source(s): Hell Frontier - Purchase from Abyss Exchange
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