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Bracada College
Bracada College.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Purchase from Shop for 50 Gem after clearing Forest of Whispers
Normal reward Principal & Revenge Archer gumballs
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward Holy Crystal +1, Totipotential Ring +2 fragments
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos
Extra #1 Resonance Record
"The precipitate Dawn War III harshly struck Bracada College. Numerous research findings were lost in this battle..."


  • Spend 50 Gems to unlock. You will get 125 Fruits of World Tree after Purchase (Clear Forest of Whispers first to unlock)

Hidden Gumball[]

Revenge Archer.png

To get the Revenge Archer gumball

  • Get the Chest Key early from Investigate option on Teaching Building (2 are required to obtain maximum reward)
  • From Floor 50 to 100 (Floor 100 only happens if your first chest is at floor 90), a Cursed Chest can appear as a Boss reward (Appears twice in a maze).
  • Interact with it to spawn 3 waves of 4, 5 and 6 Manticores. The next wave will only spawn when all the Manticore from the previous wave are killed
  • Kill all 3 waves 'within 15 rounds' (On average, you have to kill 1 enemy per turn)
  • The chest will turn into Luxuriant Chest
  • Open it with the Chest Key to obtain Revenge Archer (first time) or 10 Revenge Archer Fragments
  • Note: Farplane Ranger title for Nether Wicks (or any item that can exile enemy) is recommended, especially for high floor Cursed Chest.
  • Note: Cursed chests can appear more than once on different boss floor.


  • Old College - 2 Vigor
    Floors 30 (Difficulty 30)
  • New Magic's Glory! - 2 Vigor
    Floors 35 (Difficulty 31)
  • Abandoned Library - 2 Vigor
    Floors 35 (Difficulty 31)
  • Activate! Energy Resonance! - 2 Vigor
    Floors 40 (Difficulty 33)
  • Endless Mode - 3 Vigor


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Depraved Learner


Depraved learner.png

Team Work: Physical Resistance +20% for each Depraved Learner that exists

Defense Enchantment: Physical Resistance +20%

Depraved Teacher


Depraved teacher.png

Arcane Shock: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, deal damage to the enemy equals to the 5% of the enemy MAX HP

Arcane Rampage: Arcane Shock effect doubled when the HP is lower than 50%

Test Subject-R31


Subject r31.png

Stink: When present, the enemy lose HP by X each round.[notes 1]

X = 3 + (Floor / 4)

Test Subject-X59


Subject x59.png

Energy Increase: When present, increase all companions' Attack by 30%

Unstable Energy: 20% chance to explode and deal quadruple damage to the enemy when under attack[notes 2]

Test Subject-A66


Subject a66.png

The Distorted: High HP

Elemental Resistance: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%

Cursed Cambion


Cursed cambion.png

Curse: Launch a ranged attack every 2 rounds, curse effect attached (Decrease the Attack, last for 3 rounds)

Nightmare: When present, immobilizing the enemy summoned creatures
Energy Increase: Attack +30%

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Bracada College/Specific.

Special Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Treasure Stealer


Treasure stealer.png

Flee: Flee after 10 rounds In Secret Land of Treasures

Drops random Stones and EP

Gold-Collar Goblin


Gold-collar goblin.png

Flee: Flee after 10 rounds In Secret Land of Treasures

Drops random Stones and EP

Cunning Goblin


Cunning goblin.png

Flee: Flee after 10 rounds In Secret Land of Treasures

Drops random Stones and EP




Roar: Help self and friendly targets increase Attack and HP after suffering damage

Venom: While countering, inflicts Poison effect (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)

Spawned from #Cursed Chest
Strange Octopus



Agility: Dodge +100%

Self-healing: Recover HP by 20% every round
Learner Test: Escape after 6 rounds[notes 3]

Found via God of Thieves

Boss (Bloody Professor)[]

Bloody professor.png

Bloody Professor Beast Class
Floor Attack HP Physical & Spell
30 34 540 20%
40 56 1,074 20%
50 93 2,076 20%
60 157 3,894 30%
70 246 7,195 30%
80 416 13,073 30%
90 745 23,540 40%
100 1,257 39,850 40%


  • Bio Experiment: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, deal triple damage to the enemy. Poison Plague effect attached (Decrease the MAX HP by 10%, this effect can be superimposed and can't be cleaned, valid in this floor)
  • Engulf: Devour 1 Test Subject when the Hunger is full, increase the Attack by 10% and recover HP by 20% (Lose HP by 3% if there is no Test Subject available)
  • Bio Armor: Physical Resistance +X%, Spell Resistance +X%

Dragon Wish version of the Boss[]

The boss obtained when using the Divine Dragon wish I want to become stronger! is almost identical. The only difference is that Bio Armor is set to 20% no matter which floor you invoke him on.
It is unknown if the Cursed Chest can appear with him.

Maze Mechanics[]

Stone holder.png


Each stone has a level between 1 and 10. Maze specific equipment pieces can be inserted with 3 stones. Stones can be freely removed or replaced without any loss.

Stone Holder[]

Obtained on floor 1, this item can be used to increase or decrease the levels of your stones and view all the Resonances you know.

In the main menu of the Stone Holder, there are two buttons:

  • "Rapid Synthesis": Quickly performs all the possible upgrades (see below)
  • "Resonance Record": pops-up the Resonance Record menu (see section below)

The main page also shows all the types of stones and how many you own of each type.
Clicking on one of the gems brings up a sub menu where you can do the following:

  • Upgrade: Click on a green "up" arrow to lose two identical level n stones to get 1 level n+1 stone of the same type in exchange
  • Downgrade: Click on a red "down" arrow to lose one stone of level n+1 to get 2 identical stones of level n in exchange
  • Rapid Transform: opens an command to quickly converges all your stone of that type toward a desired level using upgrades and downgrades as needed.

Note: to switch between upgrade and downgrade, click on the blue icon in the top right form the sub-menu.

Stones Effects[]

These are the bonuses that the stones give to any equipment on which they are inserted.

Name Attribute Lv.1 Lv.2 Lv.3 Lv.4 Lv.5 Lv.6 Lv.7 Lv.8 Lv.9 Lv.10
Uru stone.png
Uru Attack +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Bayle stone.png
Bayle Earth Spell Effect +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Harcar stone.png
Harcar HP +10 +20 +30 +40 +50 +60 +70 +80 +90 +100
Sower stone.png
Sower Water Spell Effect +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Cana stone.png
Cana Fire Spell Effect +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Anse stone.png
Anse Power +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Tiva stone.png
Tiva Earth Spell Effect +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Ayr stone.png
Ayr Light Spell Effect +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%
Ryde stone.png
Ryde MP +10 +20 +30 +40 +50 +60 +70 +80 +90 +100
Aee stone.png
Aee Dark Spell Effect +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% +6% +7% +8% +9% +10%

Stone Drop Distribution[]

Floor Range Stone Levels
Monster Drops &
Buildings &
Cave sundries
1 to 20 1 to 3 3 to 5 3 to 7
21 to 50 2 to 3 3 to 5

(improved distribution)

3 to 7

(improved distribution)

51 to 80 2 to 4 4 to 6 4 to 8
81+ 3 to 4 4 to 6

(improved distribution)

4 to 8

(improved distribution)

There can be exceptions to the table above. Drops from other sources (like for instance Bunny's eggs) follow different patterns. Note that high-quality steals and steals form the Boss come with a +1 level bonus to the stolen stone.

Drop rates from common monsters as well as Learner's Remains and Teacher's Remains vary but are all roughly around 50%.

Experimental Equipment[]

This standard equipment is rough in craftsmanship. It's an experimental item of the college. Some simple magical lines are engraved on this equipment, 3 grooves are linked by these lines.

Can be received from Learner's Remains

Name Name
Experimental Helmet.png
Experimental Helmet
Experimental Necklace.png
Experimental Necklace
Experimental Armor.png
Experimental Armor
Experimental Ring.png
Experimental Ring
Experimental Gloves.png
Experimental Gloves
Experimental Cloak.png
Experimental Cloak
Experimental Belt.png
Experimental Belt
Experimental Boots.png
Experimental Boots
Experimental Orb.png
Experimental Orb
  • Each part has its own Resonance Record (check next section)

Resonance Record[]

Record overview.png

Gives different bonus attributes to the Experimental Equipment using different Stones combinations. The values of the bonus attributes depend on the levels of the Stones

  • Resonance records are learned forever.
  • Due to the complexity of the combinations of Stones, Equipment Part, and Energy Resonance, please check it further here

Maze Occurrences []

Various Occurrences[]

Dormitory - Maze Cave[]


This dormitory has been abandoned for a long time. But you can always hear some weird sounds coming out from this dormitory.

Additionally with GoT Title or Great Detective's Skill (part of the team):

College Store - Maze Store[]

College Store.png

Alchemy Lab[]

Alchemy lab.png

Most of the equipment in this abandoned lab was damaged, only little of them can be used! (Refund all the stones after blending the energy)
  • Requires 3 Stones for Energy Blending
  • If all 3 stones are level 6 or higher: A Legendary Gem (Swift Magatama, Treasure Keeper's Grace, or Vigor Stone) is given (100% success rate and 3 times only). The 3 stones will be returned with 5 level lower (e.g. if level 6 stone are used, level 1 stones will be returned)[notes 5]
  • If any of the Stones is below level 6 or after all Legendary Gems are obtained, the 3 stones are returned intact and either: 
    • "Success": 2-3 (?) Energon (Crystal) is given
    • "Failure": 1-5 (?) Energy Waste is given
    • "Failure and Explosion": all tiles are flipped and all enemy as well as you receive some damage. 3 Energy Waste loot (contain 2 Energy Waste each) will also spawn on the map. 

Magic Lab[]

Magic lab.png

This ramshackle lab is marked with various magic arrays. You can use them to undergoing some magical experiments! (Consume MP to conduct the experiment after selecting a target)
  • Magical Experiment - Select a random spell scroll with the corresponding amount of MP in exchange
    • Rank 1 Spell: 8 Scroll for 80 MP
    • Rank 2 Spell: 6 Scroll for 100 MP
    • Rank 3 Spell: 4 Scroll for 120 MP
    • Rank 4 Spell: 3 Scroll for 150 MP
    • Rank 5 Spell:​​​​​​ 2 Scroll for 200 MP (Portal of Earth unobtainable via this method)



There are many medical supplies left in this infirmary. You can use these supplies to do some wound care.

Teaching Building[]

Teaching building.png

Dust and cobwebs are everywhere in this teaching Building. It has been a very long time since the last one came here for cleaning. Different course books are reserved here, you can choose the classes you want to learn! (Options: Investigate and 3 Random Class)



This abandoned library is marked by wars everywhere. Though shabby, the huge amount of books left in it is highly valuable!

Energy Transformer[]

Energy transformer.png

This odd device is very clean, and it may be used not long ago! (Can transform the stone with this device, and will not degrade the stone)
  • Energy Transform - Change the selected Stone to a different selected one (same level)

Damaged Magic Array[]

Damaged magic array.png

A ring is floating in the magic array, its gloomy appearance can't cover it's specialty! (Infuse energy to activate the magic array again)

Infuse the required Energy (1000) to activate it and become Totipotential Ring

The Damaged Magic Array will remain on the same floor until it's activated - if you don't have enough Energy items you can infuse as many as you can then come back using Portal of Earth or similar effects to infuse the remaining.

Totipotential Ring[]

Ring magic array.png

A ring is floating in the magic array. The magical elements sprayed from this ring can help you clear the visible threats! (Consume energy to level up the gem.)

Totipotential Ring is a persistent Ally a bit like Lost Paradise in Hell Frontier or the Ghost Ship. Initially, it attacks every 8 turns.

Place Swift Magatama, Treasure Keeper's Grace, and Vigor Stone and can upgrade each individually with Energy.

  • Infuse Energy - Can use Energy Waste (1 = 10 Energy) and Energon (Crystal) (1 = 50 Energy)
  • When settling the maze, you gain 2 Totipotential Ring artifact fragments for each upgrade of Swift Magatama, Treasure Keeper's Grace, and Vigor Stone for a maximum of 90 fragments per run. This works only if all 3 items have been inserted (otherwise you get nothing).
  • Level 1-5, 6-10 and 10-15 require 100,150 and 200 energy per level, respectively.
  • Max upgrade level of each is 15 with added bonus:
Gem Name Bonus (Max Level)
Swift magatama.png
Swift Magatama Attack+300%, attack cooldown -4
Treasure keeper's grace.png
Treasure Keeper's Grace 30% chance to obtain an extra stone when killing the monster (This effect also works for Gumball)
Vigor stone.png
Vigor Stone Increase the recovery effect by 60% (scrolls and props only)


Portal bracada.png

The portal suddenly opened leads to somewhere unknown. It may be an extreme danger, or bountiful treasures behind the door.

Randomly appears after killing Treasure Stealer

Enter to get to Secret Land of Treasures (can be encountered more than once per run)

Cursed Chest[]

Cursed chest.png

This exquisite chest is protected by a cursed evil power, and you can't get closer! (Can use the key to open the chest after clearing the curse)
Kill 3 batches of monsters to remove the curse! (An extra reward will be available if you kill all the monsters within 15 rounds)
Enemy Skill
Roar: Help self and friendly targets increase Attack and HP after suffering damage

Venom: While countering, inflicts Poison effect (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)

Luxuriant chest.png

After will change into Luxuriant Chest, use Chest Key to open

The chest shows up twice from floor 50 to 110 (Floor 110 only happen if your first chest is at floor 100) in an endless run.

Manticore Initial Stats

  • Floor 50: 96 HP,116 HP and 137 HP
  • Floor 60: 178 HP, 219 HP and 261 HP
  • Floor 70: 336 HP,417 HP, and 498 HP 
  • Floor 80: 794 HP, 950 HP (and ???)
  • Floor 90: 1133 HP, 1414 HP and 1694 HP
  • Floor 100: 1906 HP, 2380HP and 2853 HP
  • Floor 110: 3058 HP, 3820 HP and 4581 HP


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Learner's Remains (Multiple)
Learner's Remains.png
Stone Holder and Ragged Package (on F1) Broken Mage's Soul: Power +10 (Valid in this floor)

or Complete Mage's Soul: Power +1

Random part of Experimental Equipment, Alchemy Note (if Resonance Record isn't the full list yet) or Energon (Crystal) or Energy Waste
Teacher's Remains (Multiple)
Teacher's Remains.png
Random Stone and Spells Broken Mage's Soul: Power +10 (Valid in this floor)

or Complete Mage's Soul: Power +1

Wickedsword Bearer's Remains (1x)
Wickedsword bearer's remains.png
Wickedsword Renji Hiiragiis' Soul: Wickedsword, ability enhanced (from Attack+4,Power+4 to Attack+6,Power+6 When attacking, 20% chance to deal double damages)
Maid's Remains (1x)
Maid's Remains.png
Luxurious Cassock Index's Soul: Power+3, No rank limitation when casting spells
Mutant's Remains (1x)
Mutant's Remains.png
Cyclops' Glasses Scott's Soul: Attack +2, ignore the enemy physical resistance +5%
Lad's Remains (1x)
Lads Remains.png
Command Spell Shirou Emiya's Soul: Brave soul ability enhanced[notes 7] (Check Below this table)
Elder Warlock's Remains (1x)
Elder warlock remains.png
Gaunt's Ring and Erberry Wand Dumbledore's Soul: Enhance the effect of all spells by 5%
Crystallized Remains (1x)
Crystallized Remain.png
Void Genome Ouma Shu's Soul: Void Genome, ability enhanced (added: 5% chance to obtain 1 extra stone when killing the enemy)

Gumball's Brave Soul - Persistant Ally summon from Command Spell

  • Inherits 60% of gumball's base attack and 70% (to be confirmed) of gumball's HP.
  • Inceptive Sword: 30% chance to deal double damage when attacking
  • Brave Soul: Decrease the damage sustained by 20%, 20% chance to be immune to all damage

Enhancement through Shirou Emiya's Soul

  • Penetrative Blade: 50% chance to spurt the enemies of the same row when attacking


Potion Formula[]

This yellow paper smells sour. It seems like it was used for blowing noses. Some askew words and hasty patterns are marked on the paper. You really hope that the writer's alchemy skill exceeds his writing level.

(from Learner's Remains)


Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and carry them away:

For raid results, see here

Title Loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here or check Dormitory section.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball Specific Loots[]

See Bracada College/Specific


  • Save any Energy Waste and Energon (Crystal) until you can activate Damaged Magic Array as soon as possible to help in maze run
  • Using Great Detective with Farplane Ranger title makes it easier to collect the souls and GoT items, as well as have Nether Wicks accessible. 
  • Priorities for selection of teaching building: Financial(select it whenever appear. it only appear 3 times per run) > search(until 2 keys found in current run, then its priority below pharmacy and alchemy) > alchemy(until all 216 resonance record found, afterward its priority below pharmacy) > pharmacy. magic and martial boost things that pharmacy also could thus ignored, divination only worth it if u have tarot as main/soul link(since tarot card ability based on tarot gumball skill level, only counted if it is main or soul link), otherwise to be ignored. food similar to pharmacy, but inferior due lack of defense raising item and full recovery item that pharmacy give(even if u count the bonus u may get from gastronomy helm, still lacking overall gain due too many item variety)
  • this maze doesn't drop any equipment outside maze exclusive one; the only way to got it is from world tarot, in which stuck to 1 star equipment unless you main/ soul link tarot gumball; the exclusive experimental equipment is strong on its own right, so its not really a big deal
  • energy transformer building allow you to either balance your stone distribution or rush to reach lv10 on certain stone. latter is better if you have fixed equipment of choice, otherwise go with former if you keep changing equipment mode according situation
  • Merchant gumball's ability does not affect the College Store, and since there are no regular equipment or scroll shops in this maze, Merchant is useless here.

Quests / DP[]

Kill Boss on 80F to claim 20x Revenge Archer Gumball Fragment and 20x Bone of Moonlight


Description DP Notes
S Use Void Genome x3 2
S Obtain Command Spell x3 2
S Obtain Luxurious Cassock x3 2
S Obtain Gaunt's Ring x3 2
S Obtain Cyclops' Glasses x3 2
S Obtain Wickedsword x3 2
G Obtain a stone no less than lvl.6 1 Keep the Level 6 Stone in the Stone Holder (Don't use it on Alchemy Lab, or keep 1 until you end the run)
G Obtain a stone no less than lvl.8 2 Keep the Level 8 Stone in the Stone Holder (Don't use it on Alchemy Lab, or keep 1 until you end the run)
G Obtain a lvl.10 stone 3 Keep the Level 10 Stone in the Stone Holder (Don't use it on Alchemy Lab, or keep 1 until you end the run)
G Use Energon (Crystal) x20 2
G Kill Depraved Learner x150 1
G Kill Depraved Teacher x150 1
G Kill Test Subject-R31 x150 1
G Kill Test Subject-X59 x150 1
G Kill Test Subject-A66 x150 1
G Kill Cursed Cambion x100 1
G Kill Treasure Stealer x15 3
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x5 3
G Kill the BOSS engulfed 3 Test Subjects 3
G Clear Dormitory x20 2
S Reach Floor 60 1
S Reach Floor 70 2
S Reach Floor 80 3
G Purchase in the College Store x100 2
G Experience an Explosion when blending the energy x10 3 Check Alchemy Lab
G Learn all the Courses 3 Check Teaching Building
G Undergoing a Magical Experiment x20 3 Check Magic Lab
G Change the stone nature x10 3 Check Energy Transformer
G Enter the Secret Land of Treasures 2 Check Portal
G Activate one resonance attribute 2 Check Resonance Record
G Activate 100 resonance attributes in total 0/100 3 Check Resonance Record
G Equip a set of the Energy Resonance suit 3 Check Resonance Record
G Insert all the gems on the totipotential ring 5 Check Damaged Magic Array

Additionally requires use of Alchemy Lab. Successful blends with Legendary Stones can yield necessary gems.

G Obtain hidden Gumball 5


  1. Stun, Freeze and other forms of immobilization do not protect from Test Subject-R31's Stink. Timestill and similar effects do.
  2. Test Subject-X59 explosion can trigger on different things: standard attack, attack from an Ally, damage from Lightning Totem, ...
  3. Strange Octopus flee counter starts when you talk to him to put him in combat mode.
  4. The dormitory reward "Sundries pile" is separate from the potential God of Thieves reward of the same name.
  5. As a result, it is wasteful to use stones with a level 7 or more at the Alchemy Lab, you will waste less if you first downgrade such a stone to level 6 (see #Stone Holder for how to do downgrades)
  6. Investigate: Once both Chest Key are obtained, chance of Stone or spells is 50/50.
  7. Shirou Emiya's Soul doesn't seem to work if used when no Brave Soul is present. Does however seems to work on future invocations of Brave Soul if used when the Ally is present. That or maybe the behavior has been modified since the maze was first released.

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