Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Gold Statue
Trial requirement Bounty Hunter evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Bounty Hunter's Pearl x3, Golden Pot

Pearl Cost

10x Bounty Hunter Pearl
1x Adventurer Pearl

Statue Cost

80 Magic Iron
2x Olin Bloss (Lv. 120)
2x Theia (Lv. 240)
2x Mnemosyne (Lv. 300)

Statue Bonus Attack+4, Power+2

In Sky and Space, Speed+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6



Enemy Skill Drops
Bounty Hunter's Mirror Image
Bounty Hunter 2
Attack:45, HP:1000

Mark of Prey: Launch every 5 rounds, casts the marked effect on the enemy (damage suffered is increased by 50% for 3 rounds)

Old Lincoln
(inside left tent)

Attack 35, HP 120
Infuriate: Attack doubles when HP drops below 50%

Attack 24, HP 30
Attack 15, HP 35

Shooting Launch a long range attack every 2 rounds

Attack 16, HP 40

Make Spirits: Double Butcher and Bandit's Attack while being present

Attack 20, HP 35

Bully: Decreases Attack each time an ally is killed


You start with 3 Warrants:

  • Kill 1 Old Lincoln: 400EP
  • Kill 5 Bandit: 400EP
  • Kill 5 Butcher: 400EP


  • Left Vagrant's Tent, starts at 1 round left, monsters in the tent: old Lincoln
  • Right Vagrant's Tent, starts at 3 rounds left, monsters in the tent: butcher x2, Bandit x2

Appears at end of round...:

  • 1 : Butcher (left tent)
  • 3 : Musketeer (right)
  • 4 : Drunkard (left)
  • 6 : Bandit (right)
  • 7 : Butcher (left)

Gumballs with useful talentsEdit

In no particular order

  • Mammoth: Defense and HP
  • Musashi: Attack, Reduce ranged damage
  • Merman: Attack, HP
  • Crusader: Attack, HP
  • Minstrel : EP
  • Ripper: Attack, HP
  • Flagellant: Defense, HP
  • Swordsman : Attack, HP
  • Kaito: EP consumption
  • Panda: Dodge

Minor effect:

  • Athena: Divine Favor buff (for the Cross)
  • Mage: Power (again for the Cross)
  • Catherine: Power


Note: This requires significant help other gumballs' talents. If you don't have most/all of the relevant booster gumballs (3* are enough. I only had swordsman, minstrel and kaito with statues and the rest were mix 2-4* and I had over 300 hp left), don't bother trying. It will be unsuccessful. Refer the gumball useful talents above to determine if you have enough support before attempting this trial.

  • You are going to take 533 damage (counting the 1 def from Rune Master) before you get to heal in this run. You gain 20 hp from Explorationist. 6 Star Minstrel is not needed, 5 stars may be.
    1. You can enter with 520 hp
    2. Gain some Def from Mammoth ( each point saves 16 points of damage where it matters)
    3. Dodge Damage with Panda ( the opening attacks from Bounty Hunter are worth 44 points each and quick to reload)
    4. The healing from the Cross is dependent on Bounty Hunter power and other supporting gumballs' talents.
  • Get titles: Treasure Seeker x1, Explorationist x2, and Rune Master x1
  • Attack Bounty Hunter x4 (or until counter is 1)
  • Kill Musketeer
  • Kill Drunkard
  • Kill Butcher
  • Kill Butcher
  • Attack Bounty Hunter x2
  • Kill Musketeer
  • Kill Drunkard
  • Kill Bandit
  • Enter Left Tent
  • Attack Old Lincoln x2/3
  • Open Chest
  • Leave tent
  • Use Red Arrest Warrant, buy Weapon Master x1
  • Use Weapon Master License
  • Use Cross
  • Kill Musketeer
  • Kill Butcher
  • Enter Right Tent
  • Kill Butcher x2
  • Kill Bandit x2
  • Open Chest
  • Use Cross
  • Use 1st Yellow Warrant
  • Leave tent
  • Kill Bandit x2
  • Use 2nd Yellow Warrant, and get titles Great Swordsmith and Great Swordsmith HP
  • Use Swordsmith Rune
  • Attack Bounty Hunter until he is dead

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