Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid
Location M01, x18y19

Special Places Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Supply Depot
Botis - Supply Depot
Exchange Supplies / Reynold! Are you Reynold ? Some humans live this supply station, and you may get useful materials from them.
50 Crashed UAV
Botis - Crashed UAV
Investigate This UAV that should have been crashed for a long time is covered with bullet holes and burned black marks.
100 Terran Base
Botis - Terran Base
Explore (key purchased from Sabnock), Infected Commando Skin The door to this secret base is locked. The corpses that fill the doorway indicate that this place has just been attacked...

When Completed:
You have already entered this base, I am afraid it is difficult to find other valuable information in it!

Special InteractionsEdit

Exchange Supplies (Supply Depot)Edit

Reynold! Are you Reynold ?Edit

"No, I'm not Reynold! I'm just one of his fans... eh? You look like him in a dress, arent' you his fan? I never expected to meet a person of the same kind in this damn place. These are gifts for you!"

Receive (1x): 3x Cultivation Accelerator (60m) + 5 Gem

Crashed UAV - InvestigateEdit

You find: Deformation Control Hub, 30x Olefin Alloy, 20x Ancient Circuit Component

Terran Base - Open the gateEdit

Requires the key bought in Sabnock. Cannot be done if you have a maze paused. Once unlocked, you can enter Terran Base (Maze).


Grants resources and unlock special places.

Resources : Sabnock Coins, Tesla Circuit, Synkaryon Battery EX, Photon Core, Olefin Alloy, Battery Pack

Example (to give proportions): 1553 Sabnock Coin, 12x Tesla Circuit, 12x Synkaryon Battery EX, 12x Photon Core, 12x Olefin Alloy, 3x Battery Pack

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