The boss package is an additional award system which unlocks based on defeating the boss of each maze at a specific level. Rewards are frags for the Hidden gumball and Rank 4 food.

Each mission will only appear when you have that maze unlocked (but Eden's Land is visible from the start)

Research rewards Edit

Maze Floor Reward 1 Reward 2
Adventurer's Forest 20x Sorcerer FRAG 10x Heart of Ancient Tree
Hero's Village 20x Zorro FRAG 10x Dragon's Rib
Lost Temple 40 20x Predator FRAG 10x Holy Blood
Borderland 50 20x Dark Dragon FRAG 10x Star Scrap
Ancient Arena 50 20x Spartan FRAG 10x Rainbow Shell
Forest of Whispers 60 20x Sunflower FRAG 10x Bone of Moonlight
Pirate's Port 60 20x Kraken Captain FRAG 15x Heart of Ancient Tree
Saint's Tower 70 20x Prince FRAG 10x Dragon's Rib
Skeleton Island 70 20x Ghost Captain FRAG 15x Holy Blood
Desert Oasis 20x Lamp FRAG ?x Star Scrap
Blood Fortress 20x Lich King FRAG ?x Rainbow Shell
Dracula's Castle 100 20x Vampire Hunter FRAG 20x Bone of Moonlight
Avalon Fortress 20x Pinocchio FRAG ?x Dragon's Rib
City of Steam 90 20x Future Cat FRAG 20x Heart of Ancient Tree
Spacecraft Ruins 90 20x Bloody Wolf FRAG 20x Holy Blood
Hell Frontier 100 20x Satan's Son FRAG 15x Star Scrap
Erathia 100 20x Raptor FRAG 20x Rainbow Shell
Gods' Chessboard 100 20x Checkers FRAG 20x Bone of Moonlight
Eden's Land 100 20x Doctor Octopus FRAG 20x Holy Blood
Cloud Island 100 20x Orochi FRAG 20x Heart of Ancient Tree
Chaos Abyss 100 20x Cyclops FRAG 20x Dragon's Rib
Card Wonderland 100 20x Wondrous Cube FRAG 20x Star Scrap
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