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Type Maze
Source/Unlock Unlock with at least 30 dp after clearing Lost Temple
Normal reward Bandit & Dark Dragon gumball
Raid boost Franken
Raid reward Mithril, Arcane Crystal +2
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Finish this maze to get the Bandit gumball

Hidden GumballEdit

Dark Dragon
To get the Dark Dragon gumball
  • Use Death Knight as leader (you'll need his item)
  • Upgrade three maze items to max (lvl 10), then use bone staff to summon Drake.
  • Let the Drake die and collect one Dragonling Skull.
    • Drake needs to be summoned on each floor since it does not travel to the next floor.
    • After an enemy kills the drake (like the Boss), another drake can be summoned on the same floor.
  • When you meet the dark dragon statue (random floor after obtaining one Skull), sacrifice Undead Contract and Dragonling Skull at altar to get dark dragon (or 20 fragments if you have it already). Putting skull only will net you 1 fragment.


Usual EnemiesEdit

Enemy Skill Other info
Skeleton Hound
Venom: While countering, inflicts Poison effect (Lose HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds) May drop Shin Bone
Skeleton Swordsman
Curse: While countering, inflicts Curse effect (decrease Attack by 50%, lasts for 3 rounds) May drop Breastbone
Skeleton Warlock
Death Pact: At the time of death, increase Attack and HP of all visible companions. May drop Skull
Calamity Pumpkin
Self-explode: Explode after 3 rounds and cause 400% damage
Magic Missiles: Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds.

Necormancy: All friendly skeletons present can revive once.

Dragon Egg
Hard Shell: Immune to all spells, loses 1 HP when attacked (2HP when attacked by undead creature)

Hatch: Hatch Nightmare Dragon Whelp after 5-8 rounds

Boss Minion

Start with 4HP

Nightmare Dragon Whelp
Breath: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds Boss Minion

Hatch from Dragon Egg

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Borderland/Specific.

Boss (Nightmare Dragon)Edit

Floor HP Attack Rounds
to Hatch
30 401 20 8-7
40 807 34 8-7
50 1570 58 7-6
60 2953 98 7-6
70 5464 155 7-6
80 9937 243 6
90 ???? 471 5
100 ???? 796


  • Dragon's Breath: Launch attack every 4 rounds to cause 200% damage to enemies and bring corrosive effect (halve attack and lose 80% of BOSS's Attack in HP each round, lasts 3 rounds). X is 80% of the Boss' attack at the time of casting.
  • Nightmare Shield: Physical resistance +50%, spell resistance +50%. Shield can be destroyed by attacks by undead creatures.[notes 1]
  • Maniac: Double attack when Nightmare Dragon Whelp is visible
  • Boss comes accompanied by 4 Dragon Eggs. 2 of them will hatch after X rounds and the other 2 after X+1 rounds. X vary with the level (see table above).

Unique Features & ItemsEdit

Bone StaffEdit

Bone Staff is a consommable crafted at the experiment table that creates a floor limited undead ally : Skeleton Husky. If you are wearing maxed Undead Armor, maxed Lich's Bone Boots and maxed Scourge Bone Chime, you get a Skeleton Drake undead ally instead.

The stats of the ally depends on its type, the level of the three equipment listed above and the current floor.

Crafted EquipmentEdit

See #Undead Experiment Table for the crafting and upgrading of the equipment.

  • Undead Armor: Gives up to 10 defense, increases skeleton ally's HP and gives 10% chance to cast Disrupting Ray when attacking[notes 2]
  • Lich's Bone Boots: Gives up to +10 Attack, increases skeleton ally's Attack, grants immunity to Curse (at level 5+) and a 10% chance to put a 50% attack reduction curse on the enemy when attacking.[notes 2]
  • Scourge Bone Chime: Gives up to +10 Power, increases skeleton ally's Leech ability, grants immunity to Poison (at level 5+) and a 10% chance to put a very weak Poison effect on the enemy when attacking.[notes 3]

Special Occurrences Edit

Undead Experiment TableEdit

Undead Experiment Table - Boots

Boots table

The Undead Experiment Table appears on every non-boss floor and allows you to forge and is used to upgrade the Maze-specific equipment. It cycles in the order of Bone Staff, Scrouge Bone Staff, Lich Bone Boots and Undead Armor between floors. Do note, the upgrade succession rate falls greatly as the level of equipment goes higher. Each equipment requires 10 successful upgrades to reach the maximum level.

Bones required for each forge/upgrade level:

Land of BonesEdit

Cave Grave

Land of Bones

Fight some enemies inside to find:

  • Pile of Bones (See corpses section)
  • Huge Remains (See corpses section): Get Electrical Helmet
  • Skull Altar (See corpses section)

Emily's GraveEdit

Emily's Grave

At Emily's Grave, you can submit any Ring equipment. Most Rings will give you EP. However, submitting the Diamond Ring obtained from a Pile of Bones to obtain Wedding Dress, which gives you a Pandora fashion. On subsequent runs, you will get 4 Hex and 1 Implosion scroll.

Note: Pandora does not need to be the main or soul-linked gumball


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Adventurer's Remains (1x)
Adventurer's Remains med
Skull x5, Breastbone x5 and Shin Bone x5 Wirt's Soul: Wirt's Leg opens a portal to Tristan (fight some angry cows and collect parts of the Bull Demon King equipment set) The 8 cows also each drop 100 EP. (But you lose the 3x5 bones from the original Wirt's)
Woman's Remains (1x)
Woman's Remains
T-Virus Gill's Soul: Cause extra 20% damage when you attack undead
Huge Remains (1x, in cave)
Huger Remains
Electrical Helmet Frankenstein's Soul: Mad Scientist status (Increases the success rate for enhancing on the Undead Experiment Table by 100%, valid on floor)
Pile of Bones (Multiple)
Huge Bones
Some Bones and get Poisoned

Diamond Ring (once)
Broken Scoundrel's Soul: Cast Stoneskin
Broken Mage's Soul: Power +10 (Only valid in the target floor)
Broken Mercenary's Soul: Recover 30 HP
Skull Altars (Multiple)
Skull Altar
1 Stat up and get Cursed (Decrease Attack by 50%) Complete Scoundrel's Soul: Cast Blade of Ruin
Complete Mage's Soul: Power+1
Complete Mercenary's Soul: HP +20

Title specific lootsEdit

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball specific infoEdit

See Borderland/Specific

Out-of-Maze LootEdit

Get these items in the maze and use them outside:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Special Note: This is the maze you where you will receive the Mercenary Camp access


  • Always try to have two Bone Staffs before entering a boss floor. Use the first to deal double damage to the eggs. Once the Dragon Whelps are gone, use the other to remove the Boss' shield.
  • Farplane's Bow is mostly useless, all of the enemies in the dungeon are Undead and don't drop souls. The Demon Hunter (Title) can still be useful if you choose the Great Elf King or Legendary Hunter paths.
  • Given the relatively good items you'll forge, it is probably best not to take an artifact for the slots Armor, Feet and Treasure. (Treasure is mostly ok if you are immune to poison).
  • Farplane's Lantern is pretty useful
    • The piles of bones are counted as corpses
    • The soul from Huge Remains (Frankenstein's monster) gives 100% success rate at the altar on one floor.
    • Wirt's soul (early floor corpse that gives you his leg) will transport you to Tristan. Fight some angry cows an collect parts of the Bull Demon King equipment set. Getting the whole is however impossible.
    • See Farplane Soul List

Quests / DPEdit

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Electrical Helmet x3 2
S Obtain T-Virus x3 2
S Obtain Wirt's Leg x3 2
G Obtain Dragonling Skull x2 3

Dropped when Skeleton Drake summon is killed (Requires Level 10 in Armor, Boot, & Chim to summon). Best done in the boss room. S/L method works if it dies and drops nothing.

Once one skull is picked up, no more will drop. However, it is possible to let multiple dragonlings die (with out picking up the skull!!!) on one floor to collect more than one skull per maze.

G Use Bone Staff x30 2
G Kill Skeleton Hound x 80 1
G Kill Skeleton Swordsman x80 1
G Kill Skeleton Warlock x80 1
G Kill the Calamity Pumpkin x80 1
G Kill Wrath Mage x40 1
G Break Dragon Egg x20 3
G Kill first boss 3
G Kill boss x3 3
G Clear Land of Bones x15 2
S Reach floor 40 1
S Reach floor 50 2
S Reach floor 60 3
G Search Pile of Bones x20 3
G Worship Skull Altar x20 3
G Skeleton Husky killed enemy x30 3 Summon with normal Bone Staff
G Skeleton Drake killed enemy x30 3
G Summon Skeleton Drake 3 Requires to wear: Level 10 in Armor, Boot, & Chime in order to summon with normal Bone Staff.
G Upgrade Scourge Bone Chimes rank x20 2
G Upgrade Lich's Bone Boot's rank x20 2
G Upgrade Undead Armor's rank x20 2
G Scourge Bone Chime upgrade failed x10 2
G Lich's Bone Boots upgrade failed x10 2
G Undead Armor upgrade failed x10 2
G Upgrade Bone Chime to lvl 10 3
G Upgrade Lich's Bone Boots to lvl 10 3
G Upgrade Undead Armor to lvl 10 3
G MP reaches 200 3
G Use soul-link x5 3
G Obtain hidden gumball 5 See hidden gumball section


  1. On floor 90, it took 3 attacks from Skeleton Drake to break the shield (first 2 attacks only "cracked" it). Either that or a certain total damage by the undead ally is needed. On floor 60, it took 2 attacks from Skeleton Hound to break the shield.
  2. 2.0 2.1 It is worth noting that both the Curse effect (placed by Lich's Bone Boots) and the Disrupting Ray (placed by Undead Armor) use the standard debuff slot and will therefore remove most debuffs currently on the enemy including better ones like stuns or the normal Curse spell.
  3. The Poison effect placed by Scourge Bone Chime is presumed to use the Damage over Time debuff slot.
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