Book of Conviction Book of Conviction
Type: Misc
Heinhardt left this book for his follower. There is a paragraph on the flyleaf that reads as follow: "Courageous opportunity never knocks twice!"

Heinhardt stands unique from all other Gods in the abyss. Thousands of years ago, Saint Angel Isaac of the upper plane led his army in an all out assault on the Bloody Fortress, killing eight Abyss Demon Gods in the process. When the abyss troops were on the verge of collapse, the death knight, Heinhardt, rode out from the fortress and fought valiantly against the overwhelming Saint Angel. This battle was the turning point of the war for the abyss. When Heinhardt pierced Isaac's head with his iron lance, the golden blood of the Saint Angel splattered all over the ground. After the war, Heinhardt siphoned Issac's Godhood and became a new God. He claim his title as the Ninth Knight in commemoration of the eight Demon Gods that fell before him during the war.

[...] (List of all faith rewards : see Bloody Fortress)

No stats.
Source(s): Floor 1 bookshelf in Bloody Fortress
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