Bomberman Bomberman Gold Statue
Trial requirement Bomberman evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 BombermanPearl, 1 Golden Pot , 1 Energy Crystal of Themis (Lv.420)

Pearl Cost

10x Bomberman Pearl
1x Miser Pearl

Statue Cost

40x Arcane Crystal
2x Tethys (Lv.180)
3x Koios (Lv.270)
3x Themis (Lv.420)

Statue Bonus Attack+2, Power+4

In Sky and Space, Fire +5
Lower Clone Capacity +2

Method 1:

  • Buy Laboratory to get Anti-Explosion Gloves
  • Learn Magic Apprentice > Black Mage
  • Use Super Time Bomb (inventory)
  • Cast Lightning Bolt on Boss x3
  • Activate Explosive Deploy Device (uses 1 Super Time Bomb)
  • Cast Lightning Bolt on Boss
  • Cast Fireball on Boss x3
  • Kill all 3 remaining mobs
  • Activate Explosive Deploy Device (uses last Super Time Bomb)
  • Cast Bless x3
  • Attack Boss
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