Blue Shark Blue Shark Gold Statue
Trial requirement Blue Shark evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward
Pearl Cost

10x Blue Shark Pearl
1x Fallen Angel Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Dark Steel, Thethys x2, Koios x3, Hyperion x2

Statue Bonus Talent Level +1, Attack +5, Power +1

In Space and Air War: Armor +5 Lower Clone capacity +6

Method 1

(Need to verify, I beat it on the first attempt) The overall strategy is to not attack boss with buff, until you have to. Kill the higher attack body guards first. This was completed with following stats: Attack 56, HP 625, Defense 6, EP 840. Won with 37 HP remaining.

  • Take Novice Warrior x1, Fighter x3.
  • Loot locker. Use the diary. Use one honor certificate.
  • Attack boss x3. Do not attack boss while buff is active.
  • Attack higher attack guards first. Hit left guard x1, right guard x2, left guard x1.
  • Attack boss x2 while the buff is not active.
  • Attack left guard x1. Use one honor certificate.
  • Attack left guard x2, boss x2, right guard x3, boss x2.
  • Use final honor certificate.
  • Attack boss until he dies. (About 9 hits)

Method 2 Much easier for me, I ended with about 300 HP left.

  1. Loot locker. Use the diary. 
  2. Take Novice Warrior x1, Knight x3.
  3. Use certificate, kill the upper left guard, kill the upper right (the ones with higher attack)
  4. Kill the other guards, if your certificate runs off, just use another
  5. Attack the boss untill he dies.

Reward: Blue Shark Pearl x3, Golden Pot x1

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