Bloody Wolf Bloody Wolf Gold Statue
Trial requirement Bloody Wolf evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

G, Bloody Wolf Pearl x3, 100,000 C

Pearl Cost

10x Bloody Wolf Pearl
1x Raptor Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Dark Steel
3x Dionie (Lv. 150)
3x Theia (Lv. 240)
2x Iapetos (Lv. 330)

Statue Bonus Attack+4, Power+2

In Sky and Space, Armor+5
Higher Clone Capacity+2

First Method:

Buy 2 stimulant , 2 heavy machine gun, 1 advance guide,1 flame Injector

  • use machine gun on right upper creep x2
  • use guide, use stimulant, use skill on boss
  • use stimulant, use skill on Frank
  • use flame Injector on Frank
  • use killer proxy to get 500EP, buy 4 Colt 1911, 1 heavy machine gun
  • spend remaining EP to get Novice Warrior 1 (and 2 if you can)
  • use heavy machine gun on right middle creep,use 2 Colt 1911 kill 2 middle creep
  • use 2 Colt 1911 for remaining creep and attack each once for kill
  • continue attack boss and stop before you die
  • use diary, attack boss until he dies

Second Method: No Titles needed

Spend EPs only to buy items and let's give these enemies a number to identify them:

  • 1 2 3
  • 4....5
  • 6....7

Buy 2 stimulant, 2 Heavy Machine Gun, 1 Advance Guide, and 1 Flame Injector

  • use Heavy Machine Gun on #3 twice
  • use Advance Guide
  • use Stimulant
  • use Special Skill on boss
  • use Stimulant
  • use Special Skill on #2
  • use Flame Injector on #2
  • use Killer Proxy to get 500 EPs,
  • Buy 6 Colt, and 1 Heavy Machine Gun
  • use Heavy Machine Gun on #5
  • use Colt to kill #5
  • use 2 Colt for remaining enemies and attack each once to kill
  • Attack boss and stop before you die
  • use diary
  • use the remaining Colt to hit the boss
  • Attack boss until he dies

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