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Bloody Fortress
Bloody Fortress.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Unlock with 320 dp after clearing Desert Oasis
Normal reward Death Knight & Lich King gumball
Raid boost Bull Demon King
Raid reward Melee Relics +3
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Complete this maze to get the Death Knight gumball

To Unlock[]

Complete Saint's Tower and Desert Oasis and accumulate a total of 320 dp.

Hidden Gumball[]

Lich King.png

To get the Lich King gumball

  • Increase the fate level of the Lich to level 10 (keep Fliamir's Soul Box).
  • Upgrade Lich level to 20 (keep Key of Destruction).
  • After floor 50F+, a broken Lich statue (blue color) will appear randomly. Click it and place the soul box in the + to get the gumball.

Peter "Gumball" is also available in this maze, though this unlock method requires spending real money on the game to unlock Creator. See Gate of Creation for details.


Faith! Evil God's Statue! Floors 30 (Difficulty 33, no Boss) - 2 Vigor

The fortress has been completely drenched in blood Floors 35 (Difficulty 34, no Boss) - 2 Vigor

Destruction! The Blood Throne! Floors 35 (Difficulty 35, no boss) - 2 Vigor

The Song of Blood and Honor Floors 40 (Difficulty 36, include boss on floor 40) - 2 Vigor

Endless Mode 3 Vigor


The most central element of this Maze is the statues:

  • You will have to give items to the statues in order to get rewards (see #Faith Rewards).
  • You will loot tons of relatively poor quality equipment (see #Equipment Suits) meant for this purpose.

Key parts of the rewards include:

  • Effects that increase the chance to loot equipment (to speed up the whole loot/sacrifice process)
  • Fliamir's Soul Box for the Hidden Gumball
  • Pieces of the very nice Realm of the Dead suit
  • Various buffs
  • Reduction (up to immunity) of the nasty effects that this maze's enemies have.


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info



Burning Souls: While countering, inflicts Burning effect (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)

Incinerate: Sets all slates ablaze when killed

May drop part of Lich's Will set
Demon of Abyss



Curse: While countering, inflicts Curse effect (decreases Attack, lasts 3 rounds)

Spell Forbidden: Forbids the enemy to cast spell after being killed (Can't cast spells, lasts 15 rounds)

May drop part of Demon's Hug set
Spikey Skeleton



Bone Spur: Reflect 100% melee damage back to the attacker when sustaining an attack

Self-Explosion: Explode after 3 rounds, dealing 400% damage

May drop part of Burst Spike set



Roar: Help self and friendly targets increase attack and hp when damaged

Venom: While countering, inflicts Poison effect (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)

May drop part of Origin of Calamity set



Anti-body: Spell resistance +50%

Thump: Chance to counterattack for 200% damage
Fury: Each time it loses 20% HP, the Attack increases by 20%

May drop part of Ancient Calling set
Demon Mage



Magic Missiles: Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds

Magic Burning: Long-range attack consumes enemy's MP

May drop part of Evil Sacrifice set

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Bloody Fortress/Specific.

Boss (Red Dragon)[]


Red Dragon Beast Class
Floor Attack HP Spell
30 35 559 30%
40 54 1111 30%
50 97 2146 30%
60 162 4022 40%
70 235 7431 40%
80 430 13501 40%
90 769 ???? 50%
100 ???? ???? 50%


  • Dragon's Breath: Launches an attack every 4 rounds to cause 200% damage and causes Corrosion effect (halves attack and lose HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)
  • Emerald Dragon Scale: Spell Resistance X%, Immune to Rank 1 Spell

Maze Occurrences[]

Various Occurrences[]

Discarded Bookshelf[]

  1. Eternal Night Canon (Night Lady Statue's faith results)
  2. Legend of Demigod Lich (Demigod Lich Statue's faith results)
  3. Book of Conviction (Knight of Nine Statue's faith results)
  4. Emperor's Notebook (Mono-Eye Tyrant Statue's faith results)
  5. Hectoria's Prediction (Fire of Wisdom Statue's faith results)
  6. Abyss Revelation


Sacrifice equipment for EP and increase your faith in the deities (You CAN sacrifice equipment specific to titles, like the Night Walker's Lantern, but you won't get it back upgrading the title.)

  • Night Lady Statue
  • Knight of Nine Statue
  • Demigod Lich Statue
  • Mono-Eye Tyrant Statue
  • Fire of Wisdom Statue

One statue will appear on each non-special floor. Once you have maxed your faith with a statue, that statue will no longer show up but you are still guaranteed one statue per floor until you have them all maxed.

Demon Bazaar[]

Demon Bazaar

Bloody Furnace[]

Bloody Furnace

Use EP to upgrade equipment from the Equipment Suits specific to this maze. This is a good way to get missing suit parts for sacrifice

Rank 1 to Rank 2 upgrade costs 40EP, while Rank 2 to Rank 3 upgrade costs 80EP. Noble's Set items will reduce the EP cost of upgrade.

Spell Forbidden Prison[]

Spell Forbidden Prison.png

Fight some maze enemies to gain access to the Guillotine which gives the following loot:

Bloody Trap[]

Bloody Trap.png

Flip surrounding tiles and deal damage.

Abandoned Truck[]

Alchemy material

Succubus Hut[]

Can only be used after the floor is cleared.

  • Attack or Power +3 but max HP-30

Abandoned Cauldron (1x)[]

Gumball recipe (unlocks 5 star food items)


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Mephisto's Remains (1x)
Mephisto's Remains med.png
Mephisto's Soul Gem Mephisto's Soul: Mephisto's Soul Gem enhanced
Elf Hunter's Soul (1x)
Elf Hunter's Soul.png
Demon Hunter's Blade (Joke equipment; Disenchant for 300EP or sacrifice for 200 Faith) Illidan's Soul: Demon Hunter's Blade enhanced, can be equipped
Exorcist's Soul (1x)
Exorcist's Soul.png
Scar Cigarette and Black Coat Constantine's Soul: Hell Detective status (Causes 500% extra damage when attacking evil creatures. Valid on floor)
Demon's Remains (1x)
Demon's Remains Hell Boy.png
Right Hand of Destruction Hell Baron's Soul: Right Hand of Destruction enhanced
Guillotine (Multiple, cave)
Demon's Spleen Specimen, Demon's Liver Specimen, Grils' Tract Stone, Lava Pyracantha or Piece of maze equipment Asmodians' Soul: Sacrifice to statue, Faith +50

Faith Rewards[]

Lvl XP Total XP Eternal Night Canon (Night Lady Statue) Legend of Demigod Lich (Demigod Lich Statue) Book of Conviction (Knight of Ninth Statue) Emperor's Notebook (Mono-Eye Tyrant Statue) Hectoria's Prediction (Fire of Wisdom Statue)
Night Lady Statue.png
Demigod Lich Statue.png
Knight of Ninth Statue.png
Fire of Wisdom Statue.png
1 50 50 EP+200 Magic item discovery rate +10% Attack +3 Magic item discovery rate +10% Power +3
2 50 100 Spell forbidden effect -25% EP+200 Decrease reflection effect by 20% Defense +1 Decrease Burning effect by 20%
3 50 150 Magic burning effect -25% Lightning Bolt x8 Decrease Thump effect by 20% EP +200 Decrease Roar effect by 25%
4 80 230 Attack+1 HP+50 Magic Item discovery rate +10% Attack +5 Magic item discovery rate +10% EP +300
5 80 310 Power+1 MP+50 Recover MP by 5 each floor EP +300 Bottle of Blood x3 Power +5
6 80 390 Spell forbidden effect -25% Disrupting Ray x5 Decrease reflection effect by 20% Recover HP by 5 each floor Decrease Burning effect by 20%
7 80 470 Magic burning effect -25% Magic item discovery rate +10% Decrease Thump effect by 20% Holy Cup x3 Decrease Roar effect by 25%
8 80 550 HP+50 MP+50 Enhance Air spell effect by 10% Dodge +6% Magic item discovery rate +10% Power +5
9 80 630 Dark spell effect +10% Meteor Shower x5 Attack +5 Strange Fruit x2 Enhance Fire spell effect by 10%
10 120 750

Obsidian Statue (Power +4, Enhance all Dark Spell effects by 10%)

Fliamir's Soul Box (Power +2, MP +100, needed for Lich King)

Issac's Blood (Attack +2, HP +100) Phocas' Skull (Attack +3, Defense +2) Infernal Torch (Gloves, Magic item discovery rate +30%)
11 120 870 MP+100 Hex x3 Decrease reflection effect by 30% Magic item discovery rate +15% Power +6
12 120 990 Spell forbidden effect -25% Magic item discovery rate +15% Attack +5 Muscle Enhancement Cell x1 Decrease Burning effect by 30%
13 120 1110 HP +150 EP +600 EP +500 EP +600 EP +500
14 120 1230 Magic burning effect -25% Enhance Air spell effect by 15% Decrease Thump effect by 30% Defense +2 Decrease Roar effect by 25%
15 160 1390 Dark spell effect +15% Magic item discovery rate +15% Attack +8 Eyeball Tincture x3 Enhances Fire spell effect by 15%
16 160 1550 Spell Forbidden effect -25% Armageddon x3 Decrease reflection effect by 30% Magic item discovery rate +15% Power +8
17 160 1710 EP +1000 Recover MP by 10 each floor Dodge +12% Recover HP by 10 each floor Decreases Burning effect by 30%
18 160 1870 Magic Burning effect -25% Magic item discovery rate +20% Decrease Thump effect by 30% Strange Statue x3 Decreases Roar effect by 25%
19 160 2030 HP+200 MP+100 Timestill x2 Attack +8 Magic item discovery rate +20% Power +8
20 300 2330 Eternal Night (Gloves) Key of Destruction (Treasure) Black Armor (Armor) Tyrant's Belt (Belt) Crown of Wisdom (Helmet)

Total XP to max one statue: 2330XP.

Single items give the following amount of faith:

  • Rank 1/2/3 : 15/30/45
  • Rank 4/5/6/7 : 80/120/200/?

If you give together all 3 items from a single 3-items Equipment Suit, you get 150XP instead.

TIPS: With Demon's Cocktail you need 8 full set to max a statue with one shot of the potion (8 x 300 = 2400 XP)

Equipment Suits[]

There are 6 suits in this maze meant for sacrifice (150 EP for a set of three). The pieces are dropped by monsters in the maze, or purchased from the Demon Bazaar.

Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze or by raiding:

Title specific loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball specific loot[]

See Bloody Fortress/Specific


  • The key is to save up the equipment in the maze until you get full sets of three and then sacrifice them for bonus Faith. Even better is to bring Demon's Cocktail for double faith (works only on 1 floor per use of potion), making sure that each time you use the potion you max out a particular deity's faith rewards. Alternatively, or for when the potion's 3 doses have run out; Chef has a recipe that gives +20 per sacrificed item for one floor (it cannot be combined with the Demon's Cocktail effect).
  • This is one of those mazes where Portal of Earth works wonders since it may be long while before the broken Lich statue shows up after 50+ floor, S/L 30 may be good idea.
  • It may be a good idea to get faith rewards from deities that give you (+x% Magic Item Discovery) such as Demigod Lich or Mono Eye Tyrant, so that you can get more loot to sacrifice faster.
  • With the sheer amount of equipment drops, Alchemist's ability will give you a ton of Quenching Essence. Paired with the Holy Blacksmith title, you can easily obtain a set of 6 star equipment with a few Portals of Earth.


Description DP Notes
S Obtain Demon Hunter's Blade x3 2
S Obtain Black Coat x3 2
S Obtain Right Hand Of Destruction x3 2
S Obtain Mephisto's Soul Gem x3 2
G Use Lava Pyracantha x10 1
G Use Contaminated Boar Meat x10 1
G Use Demon's Kidney Specimen x15 2
G Use Demon's Spleen Specimen x15 2
G Use Demon's Liver Specimen x15 2
G Use Grils' Calculus x10 2
G Kill Lich x180 1
G Kill Demon of Abyss x180 1
G Kill Manticore x180 1
G Kill Spikey Skeleton x180 1
G Kill Cyclops x180 1
G Kill Demon Mage x120 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x10 3
G Use Bloody Trap to kill enemy x100 1
G Clear Spell Forbidden Prison x15 1
S Reach Floor 60 2
S Reach Floor 70 3
S Reach Floor 80 3
G Reach floor 40 without sacrificing to statue 3 May be difficult. Try using Zorro, Spartan, or Holy Warrior. Witch can resist poison damage.
G Use Bloody Furnace to enchance equipment x30 1
G Buy goods in Demon Bazaar x120 1
G Rest in Succubus Hut x5 2
G Night Lady's Faith reach to level 10 2
G Demigod Lich's Faith reach to level 10 2
G Knight of Nine's Faith reach to level 10 2
G Moon-Eye Tyrant's Faith reach to level 10 2
G Fire of Wisdom's Faith reach level 10 2
G Night Lady's Faith reach to level 20 3
G Demigod Lich's Faith reach to level 20 3
G Knight of Nine's Faith reach to level 20 3
G Moon-Eye Tyrant's Faith reach to level 20 3
G Fire of Wisdom's Faith reach level 20 3
G Collect the suit of Realm of the Dead 3 Lvl 20 faith rewards for Lady, Knight, Tyrant, and Fire. Save up equipment then use Demon's Cocktail. Tyrant and Fire statues will help increase item discovery rate. Portal of Earth will help with this.
G Obtain Hidden Gumball 5

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