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Blade of Ruin.png Blade of Ruin
Rank: ✮✮✮✮ Element: Fire
MP: 13 Type: Aid
Effect Increase one's own Attack and disable the target's counterattack (It lasts for 5 rounds)


Source Effect
Destroyer Passive talent: +15/20/25/30% + 2/2/3/3 rounds.
Duke of Destruction Effect bonus
Hellfire Fire effect bonus
Fire Master Fire effect bonus
Legendary Mage Aid effect bonus
Destroyer's Slate Effect bonus +25%
Fire Mastery Suit Fire effect bonus +25%
Destroyer As main: ignore rank limit and enters with 3 scrolls
Fire Elemental Exclusive skill: Fire spells get extra 5/10/15/20/25%
Mordred's Scroll Blade of Ruin +15%


D=Attack buff
P=Gumball's power
E=Enhancement (cumulative)


This spell often plays an important role in defeating high level Bosses. In some mazes, Blade of Ruin can be cast through the use of consumable items, most notably: