Blacksmith Blacksmith Gold Statue
Trial requirement Blacksmith evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 Blacksmith Pearls, 5 Gem, 100k Coins

Pearl Cost

10x Blacksmith Pearl
1x Odin Pearl

Statue Cost

40 Mithril
3x Oceanus (Lv.210)
3x Iapetos (Lv.330)
2x Themis (Lv.420)

Statue Bonus Attack+3, Power+3

In Sky and Space, Fire+5
Upper Clone Capacity+3

Method 1

840 EP needed for this method, but is more reliable than the original method listed below that supposedly requires less EP.

  • Take everything in the box.
  • Buy 2 Shield
  • Attack 6 times (absorb 1 attack, timer will be at 1)
  • Use Shield
  • Attack 3 times (timer will be at 1)
  • Use Shield
  • Attack 3 times (timer will be at 1)
  • Desequip/Disenchant everything except head and belt equipment (both have +300 HP bonuses)
  • Buy 1 Shield
  • Use Shield
  • You may need one more additional attack to finish off the boss.

Method 2

To be able to succeed, you need to start with 780 EP or more and average 1200 HP.

  • Search Storage Chest
  • Hit Boss until your energy is lower than Boss attack (probably close to 73 of HP) or stop when counter is at 1 (because is 4 X attack)
  • Remove all equipments you can (6 pieces can be removed) and disenchant them
  • Buy 2 Mirror Shield and buy as Sharp Arrows as possible (4 is good, 3 could be enough)
  • Now hit Boss with arrows until counter is 1 then Use Mirror Shield, hit him 1 time, and continue with Arrows and Mirror Shield and 1 hit until death.
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