Black Chess Bishop Samuel Black Chess Bishop Samuel
Type: Summons
Black Chess Bishop Samuel is a loyal advocate of the Queen. He regards the white bishop, who believes in the Evil God, as a heretic. He has again assembled an army in preparation for a counterattack at any time...
Use: Resurrect Bishop (consume 100 EP)
Source(s): Gods' Chessboard when no book is given to the statue on 1F - dropped when Samuel dies


While active, Black Chess Bishop Samuel gains a level every 10 kills and has the following abilities:

  • Retribution: Launch an attack each round, 10% chance to cause 200% damage
    • Actually activates every two rounds
  • Bishop's Brilliance: Decreases the damage suffered by 20%, increases Dodge by 20%
  • Bless:Upon death, Gumball recovers 20% HP
  • Holy Light Field: While present, +20% to all Gumball's spell effects
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