Video Walkthrough (Freemium Edition - no Golden pot gumballs)

Video Walkthrough (Speedrun - Rangers Edition)

Evil Eye (Bonus Room for 5Gems, 2 Pots and Gold)

Complete this event maze to get the White Chess Bishop gumball. In addition, the Mammoth gumball can sometimes be found in the hard maze.


  • May 19 to 21, 2017
  • Mar 10 to 13, 2017
  • Late 2016

Tips & Trick[edit | edit source]

Rebel Knight only accept eye item e.g: Sargeras Curse Scope (Demon Hunter), Gorgon's Eyes (Medusa), Devil's Right Eye (Masamune)

Easy & Normal[edit | edit source]

Use Zorro, Zerg Queen, and Spartan

Hard[edit | edit source]

Restriction: Throw & Summon Ability

Masamune Build (by Hawk John)[edit | edit source]

  • Main: Masamune (because you need to have his helmet)
  • Soul Link: Nobunaga + Crusader (you can reach 200 damage on floor 15 with both)
  • Potion: Whale Oil (for HP and +8 attack from Nobunaga's Skill)
  • Artifact: Armor of Light Paladin (lvl 3 or higher)
  • Skill Path: Novice Warrior - Knight - Knight of Faith - Heavy Armor Knight - Light Paladin
  • Note: Only get Light Paladin when your HP is low and you're about to die.
  • Now the most important stuff. When the bandaged chess piece appears, give it Masamune's Helmet (Devil's Right Eye). It will give you some chess armors, 2 scrolls and +50 ATK!
  • Boss: Use the scroll you got from the bandaged chess piece. It will destroy both of the boss' minions. After that it should be easy. Use the bishop's skill every 3rd turn and just attack the boss until it dies. If you have Stone Skin it will make the fight even easier. If you're low on HP just learn the Light Paladin skill path.

Canas Build (by Kitaria Chen)[edit | edit source]

Farming Mammoth Build (by Ng Shaoming)[edit | edit source]

  • Main: Demon Hunter
  • Soul Link: Lamp + Machine Herald
  • Use holy shit scroll on mammoth to beat early boss
  • For the main bishop boss you should have upgraded enough on your bishop to defeat him easily
  • First carpet at 11-14, Plane prophet earth portal at next 11-14
  • 3 chance to meet mammoth, Once you meet mammoth it wont appear again

Beat Evil God Ausdiga Build (by Mxyzptlk)[edit | edit source]

  • Main: Demon Hunter
  • Soul Link: Lamp + King
  • Potion: Something that gives XP (best is Demon Blood) if you don't have Artifact on lvl 5 or 6
  • Artifact: Harp of Adventurer for reduced XP cost (should be at lvl 5)
  • Skill Path: Magic Apprentice - Black Mage - Wizard - Dark Master all only on lvl 1
  • Choose the Lamp wish that can give magic carpet until you get it. You need it in stage 4.
  • Go to stage 4 and clear it. When the bandaged chess piece appears, give Demon Hunters Curse Eyeshot
  • Use magic carpet at stage 4 and go back to 1. Now go to normal Boss and kill him without using God's Scroll and without using Death Ripple.
  • After Boss is dead (fight should be easy, if you have trouble use Curse or Stoneskin) the eye in the bossthrone appear. Now use God's Scroll and all 4 Death Ripple and the eye falls down.
  • Use everything you have (including your gear) to get at least 750 XP (King skill on lvl 5 does 1500 dmg with 750 XP), take the eye and use it to get to the hidden Bossroom. Use Kings special skill and its done.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf)
Common item Rare item
Queen Enhances all companion's attack after being killed

When entering a battle, decreases damage companions suffer by 50%

The Tower Launches a ranged attack every 2 rounds and brings penetration effect

Helps companions of other types resist 50% of damage

Lifeguard Enhances attack by 2 each round

When entering a battle, all companion's attacks have leech blood effect

Knight Chance to counterattack double damage

When entering a battle, helps all companions enhance dodge

EP +50

Fragment Shop[edit | edit source]

Unique Occurrences[edit | edit source]

Black Chess Bishop Samuel - friendly summons, give him various upgrade items

  • Queens Crown - dropped by queens, upgrades active skill
  • Knight's Spear - dropped by knights, increases attack
  • Solid Shield - dropped by towers, decreases boss damage
  • Lifeguard's Armor - dropped by lifeguards, increases HP

Injured Rebel - requests a helmet item, seems to prefer eyes

Sundries Pile - gives coins, or alchemy materials

Smithy - forges a random upgrade item x1

Wizard's Remains - lots of spell scrolls

Missionary's Remains - Cross and Ausdiga's Book of Sacrifice (Event) or Biography of Dathomir (first time getting a book it gives 5 gems for completeing the stage, second time gives 3 gems)

Church - purchase a revive item for Samuel, 300 EP

Bread Mill - recover some of samuel's HP and MP, 150 EP

Evil God's Blood - possible to drop from final boss (try using summons or AOF to attack the eye behind the bishop's throne), opens portal to a second boss

  • Evil God Ausdiga
    • Launches attack every 3 rounds to cause 300% damage and curse
    • Immune to all control status
    • 999 attack and 1500 HP in easy mode
  • Rewards are gems, coins, and gumball pots
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