Birthigin's surface


Birthigin is the main planet found in Space/M02.

Reputation rewards Edit

At a certain number of Friendliness you will get additional rewards:

Plunder rewards Edit

Requires 30F to get access.
  1. Fight "Birthigin Legion Lv.1", 373/471/186/282 1,171,800E for: 3k Birthigin Coin, 30k Uranium Ore, 30k Electricity, Mechanical Pioneer robot.
  2.  Fight "Birthigin Legion Lv.2", 351/440/262/529 1,533,425E for: 5k Birthigin Coin, 8x Eden Accelerator (30m), 8x Cultivation Accelerator (30m), 30k Gas
  3. Fight "Birthigin Legion Lv.3", 530/384/639/251, 1,865,300E for: 6k Birthigin Coin, Viper Armor Soldier Gene (clone), 50k Uranium Ore, 50k Electricity
  4.  Fight "Birthigin Legion Lv.4", 762/534/375/253, 2,229,575E for: 8k Birthigin Coin, Cultivation Accelerator (60m) x8, Maintenance Accelerator (60m) x8, 50k Gas
  5.   Fight "Birthigin Legion Lv.5", 587/830/281/522, 2,580,575E for: 10k Birthigin Coin, Mutant Gene (clone), Eden Accelerator (60m) x8, Eden Accelerator (8h) x2

Tech Edit

Friendliness is required to unlock the various Techs. Clone enhancements techs also require to own the corresponding clone gene.

  • 10F: Ray Adas Enchantment (Attack +1/+2+/3, HP +10/+20/+30, Fire +0/0/2)
  • 10F: Sugar Enchantment (Power +1/+2+/3, MP +10/+20/+30, Luck +0/0/2)
  • 10F: Hella Enchantment (Attack +1/+2+/3, MP+10/+20/+30, Speed +0/0/2)
  • 70F: Gerlos Enchantment (Max Quota +2/+4/+6)
  • 70F: Rock Beast Enchantment (Max Quota +2/+4/+6)
  • 70F: Storm Beast Enchantment (Max Quota +1/+2/+3)
  • 70F: Viper Armor Soldier Enchantment (Max Quota +1/+2/+3)
  • 100F: Orbital Satellite Enhancement (Speed +1/+3/+5)
  • 100F: Cicada Chirp Frigate Enhancement (Armor +1/+3/+5)

For 10F techs:

  1. Costs 1200 Birthigin Coin, takes 4 hours at 100% efficiency.
  2. Costs 2400 Birthigin Coin, takes 6 hours at 100% efficiency.
  3. Costs 3600 Birthigin Coin, takes 8 hours at 100% efficiency.

For 70F techs:

  1. Costs 2k Birthigin Coin, takes 6 hours at 100% efficiency.
  2. Costs 4k Birthigin Coin, takes 12 hours at 100% efficiency.
  3. Costs 6k Birthigin Coin, takes 18 hours at 100% efficiency.

For 100F techs:

  1. Costs 3k Birthigin Coin, takes 8 hours at 100% efficiency.
  2. Costs 6k Birthigin Coin, takes 16 hours at 100% efficiency.
  3. Costs ?k Birthigin Coin, takes ? hours at 100% efficiency.

Trade Edit

Trade must be done to increase the sector's completion rate. Higher goodwill unlocks more options.

Mineral Edit

The planet may be mined, which will reward ...

  • Mine for Gas, Uranium, Electricity, Ether Crystal, Nanofibers, Nanoalloy, Devil Quartz

Explore Edit

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

  • Explore for Birthigin coinBirthigin Coin, Ether Crystal, Nanofibers, Nanoalloy, Devil Quartz
  • 0:
  • 10: Subway station - Sugar Gumball can be found here after 2 waves, and Mendes fight at wave 3.
  •  ?:
  •  ?:
  •  ?:
  • 100:

Stock: 15k Carbon Block (Worth 1 Birthigin Coin/u), 4.28k Fossil Fuel (Worth 5 Birthigin Coin/u), 1.08k High Energy Tube (Worth 20 Birthigin Coin/u), some Ether Crystal, some Nanofibers, some Nanoalloy, some Devil Quartz

Full Exploration time = 15 days at 100% Efficiency

Shops Edit

Neutral ZoneEdit

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