Biography of Dathomir Biography of Dathomir
Type: Consumable
A member of Gods' Chessboard pieces. White Chess Bishop Dathomir had always been a loyal supporter of Checkers Gumball. in charge of the great Checkers Troop for one thousand years until ten years ago when Checkers Gumball left the board abruptly and handed over control to Her Highness. This incident left Dathomir dissatisfied and resentful. At that very moment. Evil God Ausdiga from the dark abyss took the opportunity to swoop in and enchanted Dathomir with a spell, inflating the bishop's hatred.As a result, the enchanted Dathomir gave up his faith in Gods from Heaven and switched to Ausdiga's creed. attempting to seize complete dominance of Gods' Chessboard with the strength of the dark abyss.
Use: Attack +2 Power +2

Get 200-300 EP

Source(s): Bishop's Plot event
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