The aim of the event is to collect Santa claus pentagrams, which can be exchanged for prizes.

In the short run, it is most efficient to run simple maze (if you can get Christmas Hat every run) since the hut also drop Santa Claus Pentagram.

However, if you are grinding the maze for the pentagram, it is most efficient to run hard maze since the average pentagram drop from boss per vigour is the highest and the hut only drop a limited amount of pentagram.

Rewards (Christmas Gift)Edit

2018 Event had a new reward table compared to the 2017 version. The following is from 2018.

Reward Pentagrams Limit
Santa Claus fragment x10 100 12
Bunny fragment x10 100 3
Elk Dress (Snowman Fashion) 500 1
Trick or Treat Gift Box combo skill 150 1
Ancient Ritual Offering 900 1
Christmas Elf robot 200 1
Mechanical Snowman (lv 2 or 3 robot snowman) 80 None
Potion of Snowman 25 None
Santa Claus Pentagram x450 30 Gem None
Santa Claus Pentagram x130 10 Gem None
Santa Claus Pentagram x12 Gem None

Total pentagrams needed for all limited purchase items: 3250

For the Mechanical Snowman purchase, the following robots should also be part of the draft: Mechanical Snowman-S3, Mechanical Snowman-A2, Mechanical Snowman-F7, Mechanical Snowman-L1

Modes Edit


Average pentagrams per successful run (excluding pentagram from Christmas Hut)

Approx time needed to complete Pentagram rate Vigor to get 1400 pentagrams Time to get 1400 pentagrams
(1 Vigor, 5F)
10.5 3 min 3.33 /min 140 7.8 hours
(2 Vigor, 10F)
18 (3 runs) 8 min 2.50 /min 140 9.3 hours
(3 Vigor, 15F)
~35.8 (based on 22 runs) 20 min 1.50 /min 117 15.6 hours
Bandit Raid
(3 Vigor)
34.5 n/a n/a 120 n/a

Special Items Edit


The christmas tree can be found on even numbered floors, and gives any of the following items:

The Christmas Hut is accessible after defeating the boss. To enter the hut, the Christmas Hat (Found in Christmas tree) has to be equipped. Inside the hut following items can be found:

Note: If you have collected all the Golden Pot and Santa Claus Pentagram, there is no need to PoE just to obtain the Christmas Hat since the net worth of the loot inside the Christmas Hut is below 5k gold (2 Gold bag, 2 Relic fragment, 2 Food bag, 1 Christmas Bell, 2 in-maze food item)

Enemies Edit

  • Snowman (A)
  • Snowman (B)
  • Reindeer (Monster)

Boss (Snowman) Edit

Snowman (Boss)

The boss can be defeated by using a combination of Throwing Snowballs (10dmg), Curses (Decreases HP) and Meteor shower (>= 5 dmg).

Tips Edit

Doing the common might be faster, I haven't tried the hard one because I believe I can't survive long enough in the boss fight.

In this event, you will need to collect snowballs to kill the boss, 3 for the "Simple", 6 for the "Common", 10 for the "Hard" boss.

To collect snow ball, kill the snowball brothers, let the older one ( the one with the bucket on his head) summon his younger brother.

Don't kill the reindeer unless it have the key the open the next floor (Reason: it can counter for double damage).

When you have enough snowballs, just skip right to the boss while killing those who hurt you and shaking the Christmas tree.

In the boss fight, you only need to survive one less hit than the snowball needed. For example, the "Common boss have 60 HP and hit for 50 HP when you have 0 defence. So you need 6 snowballs to kill hit and 251 HP to survive.

I use the Swordman with the spy and the unstable concoction potion. For the title, get HP to survive. With this you can do the "Common" boss in less than 5 minutes. Good luck!

If you have unlocked the holy warrior and use his exclusive skill then you can spam even through the hard dungeon really quickly just tapping everything while not killing the summoning snowman until he has summoned his 3 brothers. makes getting to the boss easy, and then use the warrior with the upgrade path to get light paladin once your hp get's low

Hard : the boss have 100 hp and hit for 80 HP (when at 0 defense)each turn, if you don't have 10 snowball, you'll have to revive if you want to kill him ( else you're pretty lucky with curse scroll and meteor shower and you have more than 900 hp or you're unlocking light paladin when you're really low).

Hard by Bauaser-kun:

There is rather easy way to beat hard level it requires: holy warrior, gumball soul linked with Athena the second soul link gumball does not much matters (i usually go with adventurer to have an rare chance for Athena's godly warrior). as a potion i prefer whale oil (+120HP) as an artifact harp of adventure may be usefull since you won't gain much EP in this dungeon.

You just need to upgrade meele titles aiming for light paladin (unlock it on boss fight when your HP is low) if you find any usefull high level spells you may want to upgrade mage apprentice, but it is not necessary.

OK Here goes my way: UP to floor 14 HW gumball wont be beaten no matter what you do since its skills gives you 15 defence bonusand heals it by 2 each action you take when your below 50%HP, so just beat the crap aout of all enemies but at the beggining do not summon athena's warriors or kill snowman makers until they create 3 snowmans.Keep it this way till you get 5 snowballs. YES just 5 is more than enough, now you may summon warriors, and enjoy your easy way through dungeon witthout even fighting (or helping them whatever.). Before you finish this dungeon you will have at worst 8 snowballs but even this will suffice! Usualy you will have more than 10 snowballs. Just in case you have less than 10 snowballs keep at least one of your summons in the inventory or alive till floor 14

On the floor 14 after killing all enemies summon warriors (if you have any and do not have 10 snowballs), heal yourself with everything you got (but not light paladin title) and... go there! Throw snowballs, get light paladin title when your HP is low and look how your warriors also beat crap aout of snowmann (If you still have them alive and kicking of course) - there was once a glitch that kept them immune to boss counter but it seems to be fixed by now.

Pretty easy.

Additional comment by random player:

1. You get some pentagram each time you throw a snowball at boss.

2. Soul linking Condottiere does 20 damage on boss with snowball, so if you don't mind losing the extra pentagrams, you could kill hard mode boss with only 5 snowballs and about 400 hp

3. If you don't get Christmas hat before facing boss, you could use Portal of Earth on a magic main to go back and try again.

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