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The planet Beta is found in Space/M01

Type Asteroid PlanetIcon Asteroid.png
Location M01, x16y03

Special Places[]

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
10 Dragon Ball Debris
Beta - Dragon Ball Debris.png
Study This area is covered with Dragon Ball fragments. The residual energy in the fragments makes you feel guilty. You can't imagine how much power you need to break it!
50 Military Camp
Beta - Military Camp.png
Hire In this camp, there is a dragon trainer, and you can hire some dragon whelps from him to help you fight.
100 Dragon Statue
Gamma - Dragon Statue.png
I want Super Dragon Ball / I need a great amount of wealth This statue makes you feel very familiar, as if where you have seen it before. When you approached it, there is a voice in your mind"... there have been million of years, that no creatures could come inside! Tell me adventurer, why do you step into my land..."

Special Interactions[]

Dragon Ball Debris - Study[]

You take away a piece of fragment and try to analyze its structure, which benefits you a lot. You apply the research to flee construction. Then the overall strength of the fleet will be even stronger

Effect: In the Space, Fire of all fleets +1

Military Camp - Hire[]

Hire Dragon Whelp clones.

Dragon Statue[]

I want Super Dragon Ball:

You wan Super Dragon Ball? Well, since you are the only creature who comes here for millions of years. Just take it!

Receive: Super Dragon Ball.

I need a great amount of wealth!:

  • Requires all stats at 450+ for 5k Sabnock Coin, 10 Gem, 1M Coins
  • Unlocks "Please help me fulfil more wishes"

Please help me fulfil more wishes:


Grants resources and unlock special places.

Resources : Sabnock Coins, Coins, Gems

Example (to give proportions): 1789 Sabnock Coin, 215k Coins, 7 Gem