Bank VIP Box Bank VIP Box
Type: Consumable
This exquisite gift package is a small token of appreciation that the bank presented to you after you traded in your EP. As a VIP of the bank, you can't remember clearly how many gift package you have received. But today, the weight of this box is different from the previous ones, and you are very curious as to what it contains.
Use: (Get Items relevant to the maze (for example: Engineering Components in Erathia))
Source(s): various sources:

List of items
Maze Items in VIP box
Adventurer's Forest 5x Torch
Ancient Arena 10x Bent Coin
Avalon Fortress 1x Ancient Component + 4x other Engineering Component
Bloody Fortress Complete Lich's Will suit.
Borderland 3x Breastbone, 3x Shin Bone, 3x Skull
Bracada College 1 of each level 2 Stone (10 stones)
Card Wonderland 10x Illusionary Sand
Chaos Abyss 3x Stone of Light + 3x Stone of Dark
City of Steam 1x Ancient Component + 4x other Engineering Component
Cloud Island 5x Salt Rice Ball, 5x Winkie Rice Ball
Desert Oasis 2x Golden Lamp Oil
Dracula's Castle 2x Ancestor's Blood
Eden's Land 30x Smart Chip, 1x Energy Cube
Erathia 1x Ancient Component + 4x other Engineering Component
Eternal Throne

(any rotating event maze ?)

5x Roasted Meat
Forest of Whispers 8x Black Thorn Seed
Gods' Chessboard 5 kinds of Chess Statues (2 each)
Hell Frontier 12 Elemental Crystals (2 of each kind)
Hero's Village 5x Old Poker
Lost Temple 8x Elemental Crystal (2 of each)
Pirate's Port 5x Ammo
Saint's Tower 4x Light Elemental Crystal + 4x Dark Elemental Crystal
Sdorica 5x Million Infuse Bookmark
Skeleton Island Strange Fruit (HP/MP) + Strange Fruit (Attack/Power)
Spacecraft Ruins 5x Gear
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