Azuride Program Azuride Program
Type: Snowy Mountain Goods
This sophisticated container holds within it some of the most important programs that symbolizes the culmination of science and technology of the past. Tamilung Flame was a battle robot fear by all throughout every star systems. Tens of thousands of years ago, he led the mechanical forces from remote Space in an invasion to capture this planet. Admittedly, they owned scientific and technological expertise that are leaps and bounds beyond the coalition; a strong defensive force field that turns all attacks meaningless. At the critical moment, the chief engineer of the coalition, Dr. Azuride, came up with the idea of using a virus to collapse their force field... In the final decisive battle, the mechanical forces lost their protection and finally fell into chaos, and were eventually defeated by the coalition forces. Tamilung was also captured during the battle. Dr. Azuride rewrote his master program, and Tamilung remained here forever as the guardian mecha of the continent.
Use: Instantly complete Machine Herald's trial

Obtain 5 Machine Herald's Pearls
This item must be used in the "Shrine of Snowy Mountain"

Source(s): Hall of Overseeing (Maze) - Last floor
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