Azure Dragon Forces
Azure Dragon Forces
type: CloneHigher Cropped Higher Creature

lvl. Clone EU Clone
1star 6000
2star 9000
3star 12000
4star 15000
5star 18000

How to Get

Tier 4 option in Space Analysis/M02

Max Assignment

(Number of clones of the same species that can be taken into battle)

  • Basic Assignment: 5

Exclusive Skill

(Some clone skills increase with his level)

Intermediate Luck Enhancement (Lv.2)
Luck +2, Crit Damage +2400
Automatically destroyed when resetting space analysis or leaving this star field
When other higher clone organisms suffer battle damage, 75% chance to replace their damage

Cost and Time

(The basic costs of resources and production time. Research Tech Hall "Clone Creature" reduces the time, energy and competent cell costs. Civilization level and Watchman reduces the time costs.)

Time Competent Cell Min. Resource Max. Resource
1star 1h. 30 450 900
2star 3h. 45 1350 2700
3star 5h. 60 4500 9000
4star 7h. 90 13500 27000
5star 9h. 120 45000 90000
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