In the Avalon Fortress Maze, you can upgrade many aspects of the maze, including your stats and abilities of the Maze trap by using the Engineering Manual that gets looted from a corpse at the start of the Maze. In addition, certain upgrades unlocked in the manual provide extra effects to equipment that you may encounter or bring into the Maze.

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Item Upgrades

Item Normal Stats Upgraded Stats (Avalon Skill to Obtain)
Flick Knife Inflicts damage when thrown (200% of basic Attack). Deal extra 75% damage to living enemies (Metallurgy - High Alloy Smelting)
Gray Dwarf Explosive Mine M32 Cause 50 damage after throwing. 100% chance to spurt enemies within 2 slots (Blasting Science - Fire Control System Enhancement)

After killing enemy, 50% chance to obtain 1 common element (Blasting Science - Diana Optical Lens)

Gray Dwarf Explosive Mine M48 Cause 100 damage after throwing. 100% Chance to deal triple damage (Blasting Science Knowledge - Cumulative Charge)

After killing enemy, 20% chance to obtain 1 ancient element (Blasting Science - DIana Optical Lens)

Goblin Compound I (violet) Use: Attack+1 HP+20 (Chemistry - Muscular Hormone)
Goblin Compound I (blue) Use: Gumball's Power+1 MP+20 (Chemistry - Tranquilizer)
Goblin Compound III Use: Attack+3 Attack+2, HP+20 (Chemistry - Epinephrine)
God of Thieves' Lantern Power+3.

20% chance to detect key in each floor.

Able to detect hidden items in caves (or equivalents).

Detect enemy's initial location on each floor by 1 (Metallurgy - Burnishing and Polishing of Lens)
Arcane_Anvil Defense +x Metallurgy Knowledge (High Alloy Smelting) provides: Decreases long-range damage by 10%.

Metallurgy Knowledge (Oslov Steam Stove) provides: Obtain 1 Quenching Essence every time when you advance 5 floors in the Maze

Vosebarker's Cloak Defense+5.

Dodge+100% when enemy attack less than 30.

Reduce damage sustained by 5% (Metallurgy - Polymer Coating Technology)
Bulletproof Cloak Defense+2

Decrease long-range damage by 20%

Reduce damage sustained by 5% (Metallurgy - Polymer Coating Technology)
Electric Shock Ring Power+6

Lightning Bolt spell effect +100%

Chain Lightning spell effect +100% (Metallurgy - Centrifugal Governor)
Mechanical Pendant Gain 3EP everytime a slot is opened 5% Chance of avoiding enemy's counterattack when attacking (Metallurgy - Precise Clockwork Spring Manufacturing)
Cheap Liquor Use: Recover HP by 20 HP+5 (Chemistry - Muscular Hormone)
Low Quality Cigarette Use: Recover MP by 10 MP+5 (Chemistry - Neurohormone)
Burst Rocket (Machinist Gumball) Use: Throw to inflict 30 points of damage to enemy with additional effects Damage+30 (Blasting - Shell Craft)

50% Chance to bring the Stun effect for 3 rounds (Blasting - Biochemical Charge)

Nuke Missile (Machinist Gumball) Use: Throw to inflict 50 points of damage to enemy with additional effects 50% Chance to deal double damage (Blasting - Cumulative Charge)

Damage+50 (Blasting - Shell Craft)

Cheese (Hamster Gumball) Use: Attack +1, HP +20 Randomly enhance one attribute (Chremistry - Anabolic Steroids)
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