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Avalon Fortress
Avalon Fortress.png
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Shop
Normal reward Machinist & Pinocchio gumball
Raid boost Avalon
Raid reward Relics Fragments +1500
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Unlock this maze by getting all of the fragments. Click on the fragments in the shop (Mazes) to see how to find the ones you're missing. Then after obtaining all the fragments, purchase the maze with gems to open the maze.

Complete this maze to get the Machinist gumball and unlock fragments for City of Steam.

Hidden Gumball[]


To get the Pinocchio gumball

  • Buy 4 body parts(head, torso, arm and leg) cost is 500EP each
  • Buy the Puppet Manufacturing Manual(1500 EP) from parts shop, and use it to summon Pinocchio. NOTE: The manual can appear in the store earlier than the body parts. Cannot summon Pinocchio without the Manual even though all the parts are purchased.
  • Don’t let him die for few floors until a fairy appears. Pay 300k gold to bring him back to life. *Tips: Use portal then summon Pinocchio to prevent him from dying in deep floors.
  • Missing any of the body parts or the Manufacturing Manual would result in incomplete Pinocchio for this run! So keep an eye on every shop and have at least 1500EP on hand.
  • When invoked, Pinocchio apparently inherits 50% of Gumball's Attack and 75% of HP. He/it has 50% dodge, attacks every 3 rounds and recovers 10% HP of its original HP when entering next floor.
  • If you already have him, the process for 20 fragments is the same but the final cost is reduced to 200k Coins


Gear-built fortress Floors 30 (Difficulty 31) - 2 Vigor

Steam! Ancient technology! Floors 35 (Difficulty 32) - 2 Vigor

Grand Steel Gate Floors 35 (Difficulty 33) - 2 Vigor

Break! Avalon fortress! Floors 40 (Difficulty 34) - 2 Vigor

Endless Mode 3 Vigor


Usual Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Guard type IV-G31



Guard Program: Helps companions of other types resist damage by 30%

Alloy Armor: Spell resistance +10%, Physical resistance +50%

May drop 1 Metallurgy Component
Biochemical Type II-C08



Evolutionary Pattern: Enhances attack by 2 each round

Alloy Armor: Spell resistance +30%, Physical resistance +30%

May drop 1 Biochemical Component
Assault Type V-S39



Assault: Launches an attack every 4 rounds, causes 300% damage and curse (decrease your attack by 50% for 3 rounds)

Alloy Armor: Spell resistance +30%, Physical resistance +30%

May drop 1 Blasting Component
Warning Type III-M50



Warning: Summon 3 companions after 5 rounds

Alloy Armor: Spell resistance +30%, Physical resistance +30%

May drop 1 Metallurgy Component, 1 Biochemical Component, 1 Blasting Component or 1 Ancient Component
Disperse Type IV-B17
Disperse shooting: Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds, eliminating enemy's buff

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

Inhibition Type I-A35
Element Force Field: Prevents spell casting

Alloy Armor: Spell resistance +80%, Physical resistance +30%

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Avalon Fortress/Specific.

Boss (Frost Titan)[]


Frost Titan Beast Class
Floor Attack HP Frost Halo
Initial %
30 34 547 5% ~100
40 57 1086 5% ~180
50 94 2099 5% ~280
60 159 3937 7% ~350
70 249 7273 7%
80 401 ??? 7%
90 753 23797 10% ~600
100 1084 ??? 10%


  • Frost Impact: Attacks once every 3 rounds, dealing 300% damage to enemies
  • Frost Halo: Immune to water spell and cause damage to enemy in each round (damage value is % of enemy's maximum HP as above)
    • Note: The only ways to reset Frost Halo damage are death (and resurrection, obviously) or casting Timestill or Hex.
  • Gene Modification Device: Increases Frost Halo effect by 1% each round
  • Heavy Steam Armour: Physical Resistance +50%, Spell Resistance +50% (shield continues, but can be broken by Avalon cannon[notes 1])

Maze Occurrences[]

Various Occurrences[]

Engineering Manual- use elements to enhance the Avalon Cannon, make special potions, and make armor - which includes a belt, armor, hat, and gloves. NOTE: No need to bring those artifacts to this run.

Avalon Cannon - use Cannon Shell to launch


Airship Console - call your current airship

Poison Gas Device:

Steel Gate:

  • Provides extra +20% Physical Resistance and +20% Spell Resistance to all enemies until destroyed
  • Destroy to get Metallurgy Components
  • Upon destruction, the gate will sometimes disappear and sometimes change into Steel Gate Ruins

Steel Gate Ruins:

  • Created upon destruction of a Steel Gate
  • Enter to get inside a cave where you'll find enemies and a Researcher's remains or one of the 1x/run corpses.

Time bomb - get Blasting Components if it's defused in time, otherwise deals 100 damage + 5 for every next floor to you, it opens all slates and hurts or kills all enemies. (See tips below to defuse time bomb.)

Part's Shop - buy items with EP

  • Blasting Component - 150 EP
  • Biochemical Component - 150 EP
  • Metallurgy Component - 150 EP
  • Ancient Component - 600 EP

Goblin's Lab - sacrifice HP or MP for a stat buff and sometimes Goblin Compound (Attack or Power buff)

  • Goblin Compound I
  • Goblin Compound II
  • Goblin Compound III (rare)
  • Learn something from Chemistry in the Engineering Manual
  • Important note: Goblin Compounds get more powerful as you learn new Chemistry sciences, so it's a good idea to hold them until you get at least 1 point in each Chemistry science.

Gray Dwarf's Lab (gray head) - sacrifice a specific piece of the Steam Power suit to get:

Gray Dwarf's Lab Helm.png

Gray Dwarf's lab (purple head) - sacrifice 1 to 3 Cannon Shells to get:

Gray Dwarf's Lab Dynamite.png

Note: Pause and resume will change the cost.

Potion Formula (on researcher's remains)



Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Researcher's Remains (Multiple)
Researcher's Remains.png
Engineering Manual, 3 Blasting Component, 3 Biochemical Component, 3 Metallurgy Component
(on F1)
Broken Researcher's Soul: 1% special shop price reduction. (Maxes at -30%)

or Complete Researcher's Soul: 3% special shop price reduction

Various Engineering Component
King Arthur's Corpse (1x)
King Arthur's Corpse.png
Distant Avalon and some Swordsmanship Scrolls Soul of King Arthur: Gain random Arthur items - Excalibur, Distant Avalon, King Arthur's Scroll or other Swordsmanship scrolls (?). Also +300EP if used by King Arthur.
Detective's Corpse (1x, cave)
Detective's Corpse.png
Little Cricket Soul of Detective K: Upgrade "Metallurgy" knowledge by 1-2 levels at random
Memory Elimination Device Soul of Detective J: Upgrade "Blasting Science" knowledge by 1-2 levels at random
Refugee's Corpse (1x, cave)
Refugee's Corpse.png
Refugee's Uniform Refugee's Soul: Enhance Refugee's Uniform (+3 Ancient Elements first time when worn.)

Note: You should wear the Refugee's Uniform to get +10 regular components, then upgrade to get 3 Ancient Components

Strange Remains (1x)
Strange Remains - Fukamachi.png
Damaged UNIT-G (Guyver) Soul of Fukamachi crystal: Replace Damaged UNIT-G with UNIT-G (1000 EP + special effects w/Sciences)

Note: DO NOT UPGRADE if you are clearing for the DP quest (you must use the damaged version 3 times)

Out-of-Maze Loot[]

Get these items in the maze and carry them away:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Other specific loots[]

See Avalon Fortress/Specific


  • For an easy start, raise up your defense with metallurgy and biochemical skills (you can raise defense 12 points)
  • Look closely at the image of the timebomb and cut the blue wire to diffuse it successfully
  • If you chose Adventurer gumball as main or soul link you might get Vosebarker's Cloak from a villager, it gives 5 defense and 100% dodge when attacking enemy whose attack is lower than 30.
  • Some Gumballs (mostly Mechanical ones) will give max level for one upgrade in the Engineering Manual when entering the maze as Main gumball, see Avalon Fortress/Specific#Starting Technologies

Quests / DP[]

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Electric Shock Ring x3 2 Sacrifice to the Dwarf's Lab
S Obtain Bulletproof Cloak x3 2 ""
S Obtain Mechanical Pendant x3 2 ""
S Obtain Refugee's Uniform x3 2 Found on Vault Boy's corpse
S Obtain Distant Avalon x3 2 Found on King Arthur's corpse
S Use Damaged UNIT-G x3 2 Found on Guyver corpse
S Use Memory Elimination Device x15 2 Found on Detective's corpse (50/50 chance for it or the Little Cricket, use S/L 30 to try again)
G Kill Guard Type IV-G31 x200 1
G Kill Assult Type V-S39 x200 1
G Kill Biochemical Type II-C08 x200 1
G Kill Inhibition Type I-A35 x200 1
G Kill Disperse Type IV-B17 x 150 1
G Kill Warning Type III-M50 x150 1
G First Kill BOSS 3
G Kill BOSS x5 3
G Use Little Cricket to kill enemy x20 3 Found on Detective's corpse (50/50 chance for it or the Memory Elimination Device, use S/L 30 to try again)
G Use Avalon Cannon to kill the enemy x250 2
S Reach floor 60 2
S Reach floor 70 3
S Reach floor 80 3
S Don't let Warning Type III from calling companions to reach Level 50 2
S Don't enhance the Engineering Manual until floor 50 2

Making cannon shells is not allowed. Don't give anything to the dwarf labs, in case they upgrade your manual.

Try using Heavenly KingSpartan, and Zerg Queen. Use Disrupting Ray/Hex and Heavenly King's ability to take out the bosses. Alternately, try using Adventurer or Alchemist to get the Vosebarker's Cloak. It prevents damage from enemies with attack <30 and will help you in the early floors.

G Buy items in Parts Shop x100 2
G Call airship x10 2
G Clear up Iron Gate Ruins x30 2
G Destroy Poison Gas Device x20 2
G Time Bomb successfully dismantled x20 2 Look at the image, cut the blue wire
G Time Bomb dismantling failed x10 2
G Obtain bonus of Gary Dwarf's Lab x20 2
G Obtain bonus of Dwarf's Lab x20 2
G Obtain bonus of Goblin's Lab x20 2
G Recover MP by Brain Injection x50 2 In the biochemical tab, at the top.
G Recover HP by Heart Injection x50 2 ""
G Manufacture Cannon Shell x50 1
G Manufacture Steam Power Helmet x10 1
G Manufacture Steam Power Armor x10 1
G Manufacture Steam Power Gloves x10 1
G Manufacture Steam Power Belt x10 1
G Enhance Engineering Manual to max level 3
G Use Avalon Cannon to kill 9 enemies in a round 2 You'll need two Warning Type robot to summon more enemies. Try using S/L when you find a good floor then use earthquake to reveal them.
G Obtain Hidden Gumball 5 See hidden gumball section


  1. In order for the cannon to break the Heavy Steam Armour, it needs to do a certain amount of damage which increase as you go deeper in the maze. The damage can be done in 1 shot or in multiple shots but the cooling time between shots can be annoying.

External links[]

  • Video Walkthrough + TONS of tips and tricks related to the maze (Pinoccio in 1st 30 minutes)