Aurora Barrier Aurora Barrier
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Element: Water
MP: 15 Type: Aid
Effect The protective screen can absorb a great deal of damage you receive (Only valid in the target floor)


Source Effect
Archbishop Effect bonus
Saladin Effect bonus, power buff (passive)
Sign of Holy Light Transcribe
Ghost Captain Water effect Bonus
Poseidon Water effect bonus, stat bonus
Water Master Water effect bonus
Legendary Mage Aid effect bonus
Twilight Armor Effect bonus +25%
Water Mastery Suit Water effect bonus +25%
Oracle Suit Transcribe


$ D = 4.5*(P+3)*(1+E) $

Rounded down to the nearest whole number

D=HP shielded
P=Gumball's power
E=Enhancement (cumulative)
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