Athena Athena Gold Statue
Trial requirement Athena evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Gem x5, Athena's Pearl x3, Energy Crystal of Iapetos (LV.330) x1

Pearl Cost

10x Athena Pearl
1x Odin Pearl

Statue Cost

20 Holy Crystal
3x Theia(Lv. 240)
3x Koios(Lv. 270)
2x Iapetos(Lv. 330)

Statue Bonus Attack+2, Power+4

In Sky and Space, Luck+5
Higher Clone Capacity+3

Method 1Edit

(required luck and some S/L):

  • Speak to both warrior and holy warrior to persuade them to your side.
  • Equip the shield in your inventory.
  • Get titles all the way to meteor shower (the title that gives you a 20% chance to summon a void rift on each spell cast).
  • Start by using your fireballs and 1 meteor on the boss and hope for a void rift to spawn. This is important and S/L if a void rift does not spawn when boss drops to below 70% hp. Should a void rift spawn, it will directly spawn on top of the square where the boss would originally summon an enemy. This results in the boss only summoning one golden armour warrior instead of two.
  • Immediately use your second meteor on the summoned golden armor warrior. Then cast bless and strike the golden armor warrior until it dies.
  • Hit the boss with bless empowered strikes. Remember to always keep bless up. Also should your hp drop too low for you to do the last hit on the boss, you can stall for time by consecutively casting bless on yourself without attacking the boss. This allows both your warrior and holy warrior to attack the boss in the mean time.

Method 2Edit

  • Equip the shield in your inventory.
  • Learn titles - Magic Apprentice 1* and Black Mage 2*
  • Cast Bless and speak to both warrior and holy warrior to persuade them to your side.
  • Cast x3 Fireballs at boss. Two Golden Warriors will spawn.
  • Cast Bless and attack the Golden Warriors till they are gone. (Your health will now be below 100HP)
  • Cast all remaining Fireballs at boss then cast Bless without attacking the boss as many times as needed to safely allow your allies to kill the boss for you.

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