Astana's Time Function Astana's Time Function
Type: Consumable
As the most controversial human on this continent, Saint Astana has been a hot topic for over one thousand years. Books about him can fill up a library. The biggest difference between Astana and other powerful beings is that he was well versed in so many different fields including astronomy, mathematics, warfare, art and even imperial chess.

"... From the angle of science, time is not one dimensional and irreversible. Time on X axis is the so-called past, present and future while on Y axis is the possible trend. It is meaningless for the majority of people... " - Quoted from Page 45, Volume 2 Astana's Diary

Use: Increase effects of all Air spells by 3%. Receive "Timestill" x5
Source(s): Use Divine Dragon Wish "I want your collections!"

Open the Gate of Creation and speak to Astana

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