Clear Photo Astana's Photo
Type: Photo
This snapshot looks very clear. In the picture, two projections of Astana are drinking and gaming at a feast.
Use: Magic Mark status (increases Power by 60%, all spells' duration +1 round, only valid in the target floor)
Source(s): Automatically acquired by Paparazzi on various boss floors of Saint's Tower

Art Photo Astana's Photo
Type: Photo
This photo is full of artistic beauty. In respect of the treatment of light, the use of color, or the timing of the shooting control, it is perfect. Rather than a picture, one should say it is a work of art.
Use: Power +2

Obtain 200~400 EP at random

Source(s): Use Paparazzi's Shoot on the Saint's Tower boss

Small chance to obtain it using Shoot on Ancient Arena's Boss in lieu and place of the normal Barbarian Lord's Photo


  • It is possible to obtain two photos from the same boss: one automatically when entering the floor, and the other using Shoot manually.
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