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Artifacts are special equipment items that you can bring into the maze.

"This equipment was produced by your Alchemy Workshop. Its materials were from the heroes' relics you found scattered throughout the world. When you put the relics fragments together and temper them, the energy contained within the fragments will be absorbed by the new equipment."

Unlocking the Artifacts[]

Once you get by any way your first artifact fragment (examples are secret order or in a maze) you can pay 10000 coins to unlock in the alchemy workshop.

General Information[]

Alchemy Workshop with artifacts access place highlighted

Artifacts are maze equipment that are created, upgraded and repaired) in the Alchemy Lab. (DEPRECATED as of V4.8.5: Additionally, It can repaired on-the-fly when selecting one before entering a maze.) Only one artifact can be brought in the maze per run.

Four type of Artifacts are :

Except for the Special Artifacts and the Harp of Adventurer, each Artifact is associated with one last-tier title. For instance, the Boots of Planar Prophet are associated with the Mage title Planar Prophet. If you have such an artifact at level +4 or better, bring the Artifact into the maze, and learn the corresponding title during a maze run, then you CAN spend more EP on that title to get extra effects.

Display of Adventure Artifacts within the Artifacts Workshop

Inside the Artifacts Workshop, you can switch between the four different types of artifacts. There are exclamations marks that show for which artifacts you have enough specific fragments to upgrade. Other artifacts can potentially be upgraded if you have enough generic fragments of the appropriate type like Melee Relics for a Melee artifact.

Where to get fragments[]

Most mazes of the main story line will drop fragments for 3 different specific artifacts. In those mazes, you will get fragments by 10 as part of the boss loot and you will get 3+3 fragments when doing a Bandit's Raid.

Other mazes form the main story line will drop instead generic fragments like Melee Relics, Magic Relics or Adventure Relics. For those mazes, each boss drops of fragments will only give 2 fragments instead of 10 and the Bandit's Raid will give only 2 fragments as well. These generic fragments can be used for upgrading relics or refining relics of the corresponding type.

Fragments for the Special Artifacts require special actions.

Additionally, it is possible to get fragments through Alliance Missions, by using Gumball Pots (about 33% chance) and through some Sky Exploration Events and Sky Remains. You can also buy fragments from the Traveling Merchant but, that is generally speaking a poor way to spend your hard earned coins and gems (at least early in the game. Later on, it can make sense).


Coin cost can be reduced by Archaeologist.

Build & Upgrade
Lv Artifact Fragments Coin (can be reduced

by archaeologist)

0 to +1 20 50k Coins
+1 to +2 40 100k Coins
+2 to +3 80 200k Coins
+3 to +4 160 400k Coins
+4 to +5 240 600k Coins
+5 to +6 320 800k Coins
Total 860 2,150k Coins
(DEPRECATED as of V4.8.5)
Lv Artifact Fragments Coin
Any 1 Fragment 10k Coins

Archaeologist's talent reduces the coin cost of upgrades and repairs by 5 to 30%. You receive Archaeologist after a set number of artifacts combinations or upgrades (or maybe a set sum of coins spent on artifacts). You get more Archaeologist's fragments in direct proportion to the coins and fragments spent on upgrading and repairing artifacts.


Artifacts to upgrade first[]

At the very beginning, you can not reasonably upgrade artifacts past level 3 because you are strongly limited by coins. You should just upgrade at least one artifact for each equipment slot with a preference for artifacts that boost Defense and Attack. This way, whatever maze you enter, you can pick an artifact that is not competing with other good equipment readily available to be picked up or purchased in the store in that particular maze.

When you can afford level 4 and better artifact, the most worthy of your generic relics are Harp of Adventurer for Adventure Titles and Boots of Planar Prophet for Magic Titles. For Melee Titles, the choice is not as clear but Duke of Destruction's Belt rules for deep normal floors whereas Cape of Imperial Commander is useful when you still need big defense.

After that, many artifacts at high-level can be worth bringing into some specific maze with some specific team. Like Armor of Light Paladin, Belt of Holy Blacksmith, or Gloves of Great Swordsmith. However, after more experience, you will mostly find that you will use only a few. Most useful or popular one is the Harp of Adventurer.

Ultimately, you'll probably want to max all the artifacts if only for the related Honor challenges.

Purchasing fragments[]

Using gems to purchase Artifacts fragments is not a good idea. Using coins can be justified for the ones that you really need and cannot find in the mazes you run. But given how many fragments you can find in one maze run, purchasing them from the Traveling Merchant should almost never be a priority.


Introduced in V4.8.5 as a replacement of the Repair Function

To unlock, you must have at least one artifact at 6*, then reach sky level 801+ and encounter Odd Artisan. Select the "Help Him" option to open up the Refinement Study Tree. There's a total of 30 studies (see table below); subsequent visits reward you with 2 of each kind of generic Relic. Note that you only have to complete Load Enhancement to level 1 for each faction in order to unlock the Arcane Flames.

Function Max Study
Unlock Artifact Refinement Function in Alchemy

Can load 1 Artifact in Sky Exploration

Aoluwei Artifact Load Canas Artifact Load Ranger Artifact Load Abyss Artifact Load
Function Max Study Function Max Study Function Max Study Function Max Study
In Space, Aoluwei fleet can load artifacts

(Can load 3 Artifacts initially)

I In Space, Canas fleet can load artifacts

(Can load 3 Artifacts initially)

I In Space, Ranger fleet can load artifacts

(Can load 3 Artifacts initially)

I In Space, Abyss fleet can load artifacts

(Can load 3 Artifacts initially)

Aoluwei Load Enhancement Canas Load Enhancement Ranger Load Enhancement Abyss Load Enhancement
Function Max Study Function Max Study Function Max Study Function Max Study
In Space, Aoluwei fleet artifact load capacity +1 VI In Space, Canas fleet artifact load capacity +1 VI In Space, Ranger fleet artifact load capacity +1 VI In Space, Abyss fleet artifact load capacity +1 VI
Refine with Arcane Flame
Function Max Study
Gain Arcane Flame x20 I

Refined artifacts have three attributes: energy, a primary (main) and secondary (sub) stat (see links below). These have equal value in Sky and Space. One "normal" refinement of an artifact costs 30 of its specific fragments - you can also use generic relics, but the type must match; i.e. Melee Relics for melee artifacts and so on. You can perform 8 normal refinements per day (resets at 00:00 server time).

You can also use an Arcane Flame instead for the same benefit - these do not cost any fragments or relics and you can use them as often as you like. However, other than the flames you get from the Odd Artisan and those from the Artifact Refinement Package, they will only occasionally appear in Time-limited Packs, Alien Merchant, Underground Treasure, other holiday events or the Adventure License (in a similar manner to Ancient Ritual Offerings, but you may not always get both in one event).

Each artifact goes from level 1 to level 90. Upgrading an artifact from level N to N+1 requires N+1 refinements per level until you reach level 9 (44 in total), and 10 refinements for each subsequent level (810 more, making 854 overall). Each refinement adds 500 base energy (427k total; this can currently only be increased with Hephaestus' talent). When you level up an artifact, its primary stat goes up by 1 (max 60), unless its new level is a multiple of 3, in which case its secondary stat goes up by 1 (max 30) instead. If you don't use any Arcane Flames, maxing the refinement of one artifact will cost you 25620 fragments and take 107 days.

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