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Gumballs & Dungeons Wikia
Armageddon.png Armageddon
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Element: Fire
MP: 17 Type: Damage
Effect Instantly turn all slates on the this floor, cause damage on all enemies and set them on fire (It lasts for 3 rounds)


Source Effect
Pandora Effect bonus and longer burn time (passive), fire effect bonus
World Tree's Heart Randomly casts
Mage of Destruction Effect bonus
Hellfire Fire effect bonus
Fire Master Fire effect bonus
Mage Damage effect bonus
Toxin Brew Device Damage effect bonus
Lord of the Elements Damage effect bonus
Doomsday Wheel Effect bonus +25%
Fire Mastery Suit Fire effect bonus +25%
Black Dragon's Signet Spell effect +15%
Hestia Up to: Fire spells +75%,
50% chance to cast fire damage spells twice.
Transcribe Armageddon scrolls when selected as main.


Rounded down to the nearest whole number

D=Spell damage
P=Gumball's power
E=Enhancement (cumulative)