For the maze item, see Ares's Blade (Misc).

Rune Plunder 4 Ares's Blade
Rank: ✮✮✮✮ Type: Runestone
This runestone is beaming with dazzling light. When it is exposed to air, the surrounding temperature sharply rose, discouraging anyone from getting too close. Even from a distance, you can feel the suffocating heat. As for its origin, there has been a variety of controversies, some say it is a star's core after its collapse, or the power source of the lord of Land of Machines? However, all these do not matter, for you clearly know that putting it into the airship's power furnace can turn it into an invincible weapon of war!
Fire +50

When round starts, 100% chance of activation: Fire +20
(Activate before plundering another player)

Source(s): Celestial Market - Purchased for 5000 Relic Fragments

Sky Remains - Bury Warrior's Remains (version armored man with broken sword and scroll)

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