Ares Ares
Type: Summons
This half naked Gumball looks much more fiercer than the other gladiators, it apparently should have more fighting experience. However, its eyes are sluggish. Apparently, it has accepted your education. It is undeniable that Athena Gumball's brainwashing work is carried out very thoroughly.
Use: summon Ares (valid in maze)

War God's abilities is enhanced based on Athena Gumball's skill:
"Victory Armor Lv.1" Inherit 100% of Athena's HP
"Victory Armor Lv.2" Inherit 100% of Athena's Attack
"Victory Armor Lv.3" Inherit 150% of Athena's HP
"Victory Armor Lv.4" Inherit 150% of Athena's Attack
"Victory Armor Lv.5" Mastered the feature of War God Armor
(Ares's Armor: 20% chance to be Immune to all damage. Then attacking, tear apart enemies' wounds, causing continuous damage (damage caused is equivalent to 20% of Ares's base Attack, lasts for 2 rounds))

Source(s): Athena's easter egg
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