Angel Deity Angel Deity Gold Statue
Trial requirement Angel Deity evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

5 Faerie Dragon fragments, 3 Angel Deity pearls, 1 Energy Crystal of Themis

Pearl Cost

10x Angel Deity Pearl
1x Faerie Dragon Pearl

Statue Cost

Eternal Gold x20
Energy Crystal of Oceanus x2
Energy Crystal of Phoebe x3
Energy Crystal of Themis x3

Statue Bonus Attack+2, Power+4

In Sky and Space, Luck+5
Super Clone Capacity+1

Method 1:
  • Upgrade title: Magic Apprentice 3*,White Mage 1*,Bishop 1*
  • Open Storage Chest
  • Equip Angel Wings
  • Fist of Heaven x2 on center enemy
  • Crimson Wings equipped
  • Melee center Divinity Warrior
  • Melee other Divinity Warrior x2
  • Use a Cure after being burned and ice shield
  • Bless + melee boss

Method 2: Incomplete guide but should save some time and effort.

  • Dismantle starting gear for ep, open chest for buffout gear.
  • Upgrade titles : White Mage 1*, Bishop 2* (for the Ice Shields).
  • Cast Ice Shield
  • Cast Bless
  • Attack minions in corners for Fist of Heaven max effect
  • Use Cure when boss attack leaves you burning
  • Keep Ice Shield up, burning off and kill all minions
  • Stay blessed and ice shielded, attack boss until it's dead

Method 2 Notes

1. Don't forget to loot the chest on the left corner after upgrading the title. 

2. I did not disenchant the gear but swapping the two wings after attacking different minions will help you survive even only a Bishop 1*.

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