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== Rewards ==
== Rewards ==
* [[Cerebrate]]'s Fragment x100
* [[Cerebrate]]'s Fragment x100, [[Bacteria Blanket I]] x5, [[Gas Storage Device]] x5, [[Uranium Ore Storage Device]] x5, [[Electricity Storage Device]] x5
* [[Bacteria Blanket]] I x5
* Opens a dialog on [[Sabnock]] "I killed the Ancient Zerg" for a further reward:
* [[Gas Storage Device]] x5
** {{Cost|6000|Sabnock}}, 30x [[Zerg Carapace I]], 30x [[Zerg Mucus I]], 30x [[Zerg Ootheca I]], 15x [[Bacteria Blanket I]]
* [[Uranium Ore Storage Device]] x5
* [[Electricity Storage Device]] x5
[[Category:Space Bosses]]
[[Category:Space Bosses]]

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A huge roar comes from this space. The whole fleet also trembles for this. Powerful enemies seem to hide in the deep space. After winning the battle, you can get a great deal of rewards.

The Ancient Zerg boss is found in Space/M01:I1. It is considered the "boss" monster of this sector.

Stats Edit

  • Energy: 2.063.675
  • Fire: 776
  • Armor: 360
  • Speed: 501
  • Luck: 536

Rewards Edit

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