Also called Summoned Creatures, Allies are creatures or gumballs (not counting your team) that help you fight in a maze. There are various types of allies and various sources that can invoke them.

Persistance Edit

Single FloorEdit

There are "target floor only" allies like the Skeleton Husky in Borderland or the Zerglings. Those allies are only active in a single room, they disappear when you go to the next floor and will not follow you into a cave (they wait for you at the entrance of the cave).

Maze PersistantEdit

And there are "maze persistant" allies or simply "persistant" allies that will follow you as you go to the next floor. Exemples : the villagers brainwashed by Athena or the Ghost Ship in Skeleton Island.

Some of those will follow you into caves (like the allies in Hell Frontier) and others will wait for you at the entrance (like the Ghost Ship).

You cannot have more that 2 persistant allies at the same moment. Exceptions are Image of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils that does not count in the limit and the 3 special partners in Cloud Island that do count toward the limit but can still, as an exception, all be with you at the same time.

Modes of Operation Edit

Most allies use basically the same combat rules as monsters and gumball. Some have a few quirks like Black Chess Bishop Samuel in Gods' Chessboard and some work quit differently like the aforementioned Ghost Ship or the Mechanical Spider in City of Steam

Starting Stats Edit

Each type of ally has its own rules to determine their starting stats. The most common rules are as follow:

  • Some inherits a fixed % of the Gumball's HP and Attack at the time of casting
  • Some inherits a fixed % of the Gumball's HP and base Attack at the time of casting. (Attack taking equipment into account but not ongoing buffs or debuffs)
  • Some inherits a % of the Gumball's stats that increase with the floor level
  • Some have always the same starting stats
  • Some have stats that depends on the floor at which they are invoked
  • And more ...

Often, they share the dodge attribute of the Gumball with sometimes a bonus of their own on top of it. They also always implicitly share the defense of the Gumball since defense actually decrease monsters' Attack scores.

Passive Boosts Edit

There are a few ways to boost the stats of all allies. Namely some gumball Talents and some Gumball Babies.

Cumulative Ally boosting talents:

Gumball Babies and assimilated Parasite hosts:

Active Boosts Edit

Some gumballs, Gumball Babies, consumable items etc specifically impact allies when used or brought into a maze.

These include the following non-exhaustive list:

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