This is for the old Event version of the item, for Spacecraft Ruins version, lookup Alloy Riot Shield

Alloy Riot Shield Alloy Riot Shield
Rank: Variable Type: Treasure
This thick shield is covered with a layer of energy film with blue halo. The shield itself is made of precious anti-phase alloy. This metal. in the impact, can produce high-frequency vibration to greatly reduce the external impact, helping the user effectively resist the attack of explosion and shrapnel.
Defense +1 (+1 per level, max 12)

Decrease long-range damage by +5% (+5 per level, max 60)

Power Core Upgrades:
Decrease Boss Grenade Launcher by 33/66/99%

When Guardian gumball uses, decrease exclusive skill consumption by 100/200/300%

Source(s): Bloody Wolf! Cold Killer! event maze
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