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Miracle Shop (Alliance Shop).

Items for Sale[]

More interesting items will appear in the shop for higher level alliances.

Item Alliance Coins Available from alliance level
Nelson 4800
Nelson fragment 800 (x5)

1600 (x10)
3200 (x20)

S.S. Alliance Airship chip 1500 (x5)

3000 (x10)
6000 (x20)

Night Wing chips
Spacecraft Ruins map 10,000
Airship blueprint for rank 6 upgrade 9000 10 ?
Battery Pack 500 (x1)

2500 (x5)
5000 (x10)

Mysterious Statue 300 (x10)

600 (x20)
1500 (x50)

Sky Reset Scroll 2000 5
Rank 1 Ship Material

(Olefin Alloy, Photon Core, Synkaryon Battery EX, Tesla Circuit)

300 (x10)

600 (x20)
1500 (x50)

Rank 2 Ship Material

(High Frequency Fibre N+, Subspace Core, Super-particle Battery M, Ancient Circuit Element)

600 (x10)

1200 (x20)
3000 (x50)

Rank 3 Ship Material

(S-level Inverse Phase Alloy, Dark Matter Core, Energy Furnace Shard, Micro Dyson Sphere G)

600 (x5)

2400 (x20)
6000 (x50)

Rank 1 Energy Crystal

(Energy Crystal of Adanos, Energy Crystal of Ostarsos, Energy Crystal of Andrass, Energy Crystal of Olin Bloss, Energy Crystal of Dionie)

Rank 2 Energy Crystal

(Energy Crystal of Tethys, Energy Crystal of Oceanus, Energy Crystal of Theia, Energy Crystal of Koios, Energy Crystal of Mnemosyne)

Rank 3 Energy Crystal

(Energy Crystal of Iapetos, Energy Crystal of Phoebe, Energy Crystal of Hyperion, Energy Crystal of Themis, Energy Crystal of Kreios)

Behemoth Intelligence 1000 (x1)

5000 (x5)

Field Survival Kit 1000
Production Line Component 1000
Competent Cell 300 (x10)

3000 (x100)


Requires to have unlocked Clones

Granite I, Limestone I, Sandstone I 240/u

(by 5/20)


Requires Hall of Overseeing repaired

Volcanic I 1200/u

(by 4)


Requires Hall of Overseeing repaired

Relative value of Alliance Coins[]

Comparing the value of the different currencies is somewhat subjective but as some conversions are possible and some items can be bought with different currencies, some ranges can be given.

Alliance coins Alliance Coins <-> Relics Fragments Relics:

Alliance coins Alliance Coins <-> Gems Gem:

  • 200:1 based on alliance coins given for the donation of gems
  • 100:1 based on the price of Airship Materials
  • 100:1 based on the price of Gumball Fragments at Alliance Shop and Traveling Merchant but this is shaky as there is no specific fragment sold in both shops.

Alliance coins Alliance Coins <-> Coins Coins:

  • 1000:1 based on alliance coins given for the donation of coins
  • 100:1 assuming a 100:1 ratio for alliance:gems and a 10,000:1 for coin:gems but this is quite convoluted. If anything, this just shows that the 10,000:1 coins-gems conversion is crappy.