Alien Merchant Is a "tracker" event that runs for seven days, presenting three tasks that track gameplay aspects such spending Vigor or raiding mazes, and awards tokens which can be spent on prizes. This event returns approximately every other week, with Underground Treasure taking its place in between.


Before July 30, 2017, this event was called Foreign Businessmen.


For each instance of the event, there is one major set of tasks worth 68 or 84 tokens in total and 2 minor sets of tests worth 10 tokens in total each.

Shopping ScenarioEdit

Consume gems.

Spend up to 160 gems for 84 tokens in total

  • Spending gems in any way counts toward this task, including donating gems to an alliance.

Let's ExerciseEdit

Consume Vigor.

Consume Vigor Tokens
30 2
60 4
90 6
120 8
150 10
180 12
210 12
240 14
Total 68
  • It is impossible to max out this task without buying vigor with gems. In seven days, a player naturally recovers 168 vigor over time, and can gain 14 extra from Circus Quest rewards for a total of 182 vigor. Not counting Orienteering Event rewards or Old TV Set, 58 vigor must be purchased to max out this task.

Hold PositionEdit

Complete daily sign-in to receive tokens.

completed Tokens
1 Token
3 Token
5 Token
7 Token
Total 10 Token

Let's RaidEdit

Raid the normal stage.

Raids Tokens
16 1
32 2
48 3
64 4
Total 10

Sky PatrolEdit

Explore the Sky.

Explorations Tokens
80 1
160 2
240 3
320 4
Total 10
  • Spending energy to summon mazes or tracked events does not count for this task. Only energy actually used for exploration counts.

Alien MerchantEdit

Rewards vary from player to player. Purchased items are not refreshed during the course of a single event, and leftover tokens are lost at the end of the event. There is no additional bonus for buying all the items. It is possible you will not have the gumball necessary to buy a reward, however missed rewards have a chance to return on future cycles of the event. Robots, fashions, and gumball unlocks can only be purchased once per account, and then are removed

A) One of the following:

Item Tokens
Easter Egg - Bunny 16
30 Bunny fragments 16
??? - Hamster 16
30 Hamster fragments 16
Ninjutsu Scroll - Ninja Frog 16
30 Ninja Frog fragments 16
Business Tycoon Dress 16
Prince of Blood Clan Dress 16
Gold Penguin 16

B) Occasionally one of the following

Item Tokens
Mechanical Penguin (Pink) 8
Mechanical Penguin (Red) 8

C) Some of the following:

Item Units Tokens per unit
Golden Pot 1-2 8
Mercenary Camp Gumball Fragment 1-3 2
Mercenary Camp Gumball Fragment 5-10 1.6
G 1-3 2
Gumball Pot 6
Artifact Fragments 1-3 2
Rainbow Contract 1 2
Star Contract 1 4
Moon Contract 1 6
Sun Contract 1 8
C 15k or 30k 1 per 7,500
Adventure Relics 1 4
Alchemy Material Rank1 20 0.1
Airship Materials Rank1 4 0.5
Airship Materials Rank2 4 1
Airship Materials Rank4 2 2
Ingredient Rank3 4 1.5
Ingredient Rank4 2 2
Energy Crystal (level 240 to 300) 1 8

D) If you have repaired the Hall of Overseeing, also some of the following (3 to 5 offers):

Item Units Tokens per unit
Granite I 1-3 2
Marble I 1-3 2
Sandstone I 1-3 2
Volcanic I 1 8

E) If you have unlocked the Shrine Ceremony (requires 30 statues):

Item Tokens
Ancient Ritual Offering 76
  • This appears on the merchant once every two event cycles. Tokens awarded by tasks are not increased during this time, making it impossible to buy everything during a cycle with an Offering.
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