Alien's Suitcase.png Alien's Suitcase
Type: Snowy Mountain Goods
This suitcase overflows with a sense of futuristic technology, it once belonged to someone from the planet of Tabique - Dangru. Tabique is located on the far edge of the cosmos, where there are abundant minerals and resources. residents on the planet are extremely intelligent, and their technology and civilization are far superior to other planets. However, the people of Tabique have a fatal weakness. They are too peace-loving and have never thought of using technology to arm themselves. There aren't even any decent troops on the planet. Finally, they attracted the attention of some planet raiders, and after a few resemblence of a resistance, Tabique was completely destroyed. Before the planet exploded, Dangru fled the planet with some survivors piloting one of the spacecraft. Since then, they have been shuttling across the universe seeking new shelter. Until one day, they came to this continent...
Use: Instantly complete Alien's trial

Obtain 3 Alien's Pearls
Obtain 5 Battery Packs
Obtain 3 Eden Accelerator (8h)

This item must be used in the "Shrine of Snowy Mountain"

Source(s): Hall of Overseeing (Maze) - Last floor
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