Aladdin's Lamp Aladdin's Lamp
Rank: Variable Type: Treasure
This cinnamon-coloured oil lamp appears to be ancient. However, both sides of this lamp are shiny, which makes one wonder, did its previous owner often rub it for some reason. The name "Aladdin" is carved at the bottom of the lamp.
(max upgrade)

Recover MP +6 each time you enter the next floor
Lamp Oil Cost -1
MP Cost -1
Attack +15,Power +15
Immune Reflect Damage
Immune to effect of Mana Absorption
Immune to effect of Rigid
Increase the chance to loot Golden Lamp Oil by 100%

Source(s): Carried by Lamp or found in Desert Oasis

60 upgrades can be applied with inferior lamp oil and 2 via Golden Lamp Oil. The two are separate. The stats displayed above are at full upgrade.

Inferior Lamp Oil Upgrades

After 60 Inferior Lamp Oil upgrades, the possibility will no longer be offered. 15 to each.

Each upgrade will grant one of the following:

  • Attack +1
  • Power +1
  • HP+10
  • MP+10

Each upgrade will also grant one of the following:

  • Reduce Reflect Damage +7%
  • Reduce Mana Absorption +7%
  • Reduce Rigid Effect +7%
  • Increase chance to loot Golden Lamp Oil +7% (Cap at 100%)

The names changes to "Immune to..." once it reaches 100% The end result after 60 upgrades is always the same.

Each common Attribute its attached to an special attribute, Attack to Reflect Damage Reduction, Power to Mana Absorption Reduction , HP to Rigid Effect Reduction and MP to chance to get Golden Lamp Oil . Whenever one its grant, the other one its also grant.

Golden Lamp Oil Upgrades

One upgrade will grant "MP cost -1" and the other will grant "Lamp Oil Cost -1" After that, the option will no longer be presented.

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