Tech Edit

Airship Cannon Effect
Gumball Guardian Cannon

Guardian Cannon

The Guardian Cannon on the GUMBALL has been augmented by Captain Gumball. When attacking Monsters Floating Island, x% chance to attract the attention of "Guardian's Statue", after winning the battle, obtain extra x Mysterious Statue
Musashi Lava Cannon

Lava Cannon

Musasimaru from the far east always adheres to the faithful ways of ancient martial arts. Its Lava Cannon can seek out the enemy's weak points and penetrate their armor (Activates at the end of each round, decreasing the enemy's Armor by x)

Magic Edit

Airship Cannon Effect
Prometheus Heavenly Railgun

Heavenly Railgun

Prometheus's Heavenly Railgun possesses supernatural mysterious power. It is able to summon heavenly fire to adjudge the enemy. (Causes 10/15/20/25/30/35% of damage burning the enemy, lasting for 1 round. (Casts the skill after 2 rounds of a battle.)
Lucifer's Sword Apocalypse


Lucifer's Sword from Dark Plane is strong enough to destroy Gods. When it opens Apocalypto, it is able to increase the chance to cast friendly targets' Combo Skills by 20/40/60/80/100/120%. The effect lasts in current round. (Casts in the round 3 of a battle.)
Chimera's Wings Toxic Fire Spray

Toxic Fire Spray

Chimera's Wings from Magic Plane carries powerful Jet weapons. It is able to breathe toxic flame which can strongly corrode and melt objects to decrease all the enemy attributes by 3/6/9/12/15/18 (Casts the skill after the round 3 of a battle.)

Special Edit

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